There Could Be A New Baby On 'Grey's'

Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt were not my first choice of couples on Grey’s Anatomy, but you know what? They’ve grown on me. They both come from messed-up backgrounds, and they’re finding love in a hopeless place (aka Grey Sloan). They got hitched, and there’s a new development — is Amelia Shepherd pregnant on Grey’s Anatomy ? Upcoming previews show her telling Meredith and the gang that she’s with child, but she also said she hadn’t taken a pregnancy test. What gives?

This is poignant because Amelia spent a lot of time in a tizzy about how well she and Owen know each other. She thinks that they haven’t done enough of a deep dive into important dates (like when their dads died) and crucial moments to be married. Owen is like, “Hey, I love you, and we’ll figure it out,” but somehow, Amelia is worried about their children. Why? Well, she had a fiancé that overdosed back on her days on Private Practice, and she had a baby with a birth defect that died. That stuff weighs on you. Amelia got it together, though, and she and Owen shared their deepest, darkest and then assured themselves that their children would be just fine. And now she could be pregnant!

Could it be that Amelia already knew she was having a baby when she went down her spiral into Question City? Or is she just willing herself to be pregnant after those conversations? I hope that Amelia really is pregnant, because Owen wanted kids with Christina and she didn’t, and I think he’d make a great dad. Amelia would also be a good mother — I think it would ground her in a way that she hasn’t had before. Here’s hoping that Amelia Shepherd’s pregnancy rumors are true — one of the couples on Grey’s Anatomy needs a win.

Images: Richard Cartwright/ABC; Giphy