A 'Mean Girls' Makeup Palette Might Be On Its Way

by Melanie Richtman

Sixth grade me would have been freaking out over this news, and let's be honest, grown up me is just as excited to hear that a Mean Girls makeup palette might be hitting the market, thanks to Story Book Cosmetics.

If you haven't heard of Story Book Cosmetics, you might recognize them as the people who created the much talked about Harry Potter wand makeup brushes that basically caused the internet to freak out on Thursday. In a nutshell, Story Book Cosmetics creates makeup based on our favorite stories, hence the potential Mean Girls palette.

The Mean Girls eyeshadow palette, which is currently in the ideation stage and hasn't gone into production yet because they will have to get the licensing rights, would feature colors named after some of the movie's most memorable quotes, including "so fetch," "you can't sit with us," and "ESPN or something" and the packaging would resemble the iconic "burn book" from the film.

A makeup palette based on Mean Girls is a such a natural extension of the brand — can't you just picture Cady trying to perfect a smoky eye using "mouse...duh"? No word yet as to whether this brilliant idea will actually come to fruition, but the three sisters behind Story Book Cosmetics had some good luck making the Harry Potter brushes a reality, so I'm going to stay optimistic.

Twitter is incredibly excited about the possibility of one:

Too bad we can't use Karen's ESPN to see if this palette will actually get produced.

Images: S torybookcosmetics /Instagram