Louise Helps Julia Get Over Her Ex On 'Notorious' & It's A Bonding Moment

Notorious has a lot of action in terms of scandal-of-the-week and the ongoing Oscar saga and not a lot of character development. That’s why I’m glad to see that the book is opening on Louise Herrick, star of Julia’s Louise Herrick Live, and on Julia, too. In Episode 3, Louise went off on Julia for making her show the video of a soldier being beheaded by insurgents, and viewers got a little bit of her backstory. Then, Louise helped Julia get over her ex on Notorious , and it showed just how deep their bond is.

Louise was originally portrayed as a boozy, narcissistic hedonist and sometime television show host, but her story about a friend and former lover being beheaded by insurgents (as the soldier was) really opened my eyes to the tragic events that she’s been beholden to. Louise and Julia have each other’s backs and have for eight years, and it was satisfying to see Julia apologize again and have Louise brush it off. It’s water under the bridge. When Julia was thinking about getting back together with her cheating ex-boyfriend, it was Louise who was at the dinner table with her instead, helping her flambé all of the old photos of Julia and the ex. That’s a good friend there. The two toasted to “moving on,” and it was a nice bonding moment.


It’s nice to see two women on television that have each other’s backs. They work in tandem on television, and it’s great that that friendship translates to their off-screen lives. Louise and Julia are not competing against each other — they make each other stronger. Sure, they fight, but ultimately, they’re better as a team.

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy