Emma Stone Has The Best Prince Story

by S. Atkinson

Is it me or is Emma Stone's life just energetically, vibrantly perfect? Exhibit A: she got to star in not one, but three films opposite feminist meme star and attractive-face-haver, Ryan Gosling. Exhibit B: those eyebrows, though. I didn't think they could get any better, but 2016 is their year. They're like Jennifer Connelly's meets Cara Delevingne's. Exhibit C: have you seen her filmography? She's been in everything good in every genre, from surrealist drama Birdman to best sick-day rom-com Easy A. And, now, the strongest piece of evidence, exhibit D: Emma Stone played tambourine for Prince. Yes, that Prince.

How did it happen? According to her latest Vogue interview, while dancing barefoot at a party, Stone got a piece of glass embedded in her foot:

Someone from the Plaza, Stone says, “grabbed a knife and took the glass out of my foot. I swear to God. And then 60 seconds later, one of the SNL people was like, ‘Prince is onstage. Do you want to go on and play the tambourine?’”

And that is how Emma Stone wound up on a stage after midnight, surrounded by people like Rudolph, Fallon, Martin Short, and the Haim sisters, playing backup tambourine for the one and only, and now dearly departed, Prince.


I mean. Even her misfortunes are just a brief moment of dejection before something incredibly beautiful happens. Who gets to play tambourine for Prince, just like that? Emma Stone, that's who. This said, it's not like Prince just chose a totally random person. Stone has long proven that she's every bit as musical as she is a talented thespian. When she played Amelia Stone, a bass guitarist in the 2008 comedy The Rocker, she learnt bass guitar for the role.

And, in her role in The House Bunny, she delivered a pretty decent cover of The Waitresses' 1982 hit "I Know What Boys Want." Also, check out that stage presence. Stone shaking it proves she doesn't just know what boys want; she knows all about rhythm.

And, if at this point you're rolling your eyes, you probably couldn't be in a Broadway musical without at least a little musical know-how, right? Stone played Sally Bowles in Cabaret between 2014-2015. It's a famously demanding role that requires actors to follow in the footsteps of Liza Minnelli at the top of her game ,and actors don't tend to take on the role without a substantial pair of pipes. But, hey, we knew that already, no? Even in roles where she has to ooze everywoman appeal — like in Easy A — her singing voice is far too professional to cut it as average.

So sure, Emma Stone has a perfect life. But it's not all about luck. I reckon she also had the musical know-how and practice to shake that tambourine to perfection.

Images: Watch Movie Previews; The House Bunny - In Theaters August 22nd; daniquehillenga/YouTube (3)