Lorde Donates $10,000 To A Family In Need & It's An Incredibly Heartwarming Gesture

Heartwarming stories of generosity are always my favorite. Heartwarming stories of celebrity generosity are even better — in part because stars have the financial means (read: a ton of money) to completely change people's lives. Like Lorde, who donated $10,000 to a family in need. A family she doesn't even know personally, I might add.

According to Women's Day New Zealand, Lorde (a New Zealand native herself) generously donated $10 grand to the Busch-Barry family, who are forced to temporarily move out of their "leaky home," pay the massive repair bill, and care for their 10-year-old daughter, who is autistic. Their GiveALittle fundraiser page states that the couple's daughter Rheegan has severe autism, which requires that her mom, Devora, care for her full-time. And her dad, Richard Barry, lost his job due to "hearing loss and [ill] health."

Signing with her given name (Ella Yelich-O'Connor), the "Tennis Court" singer wrote (alongside her generous donation, of course): "Sending best wishes and love to you and your parents, Rhee. Xxxx."

Devora Busch was beside herself with Lorde's random act of kindness.

"What an amazing young woman she is," she told Women's Day. "There's no personal connection so I'm very humbled that she would think of us."

Hannah Peters/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For Lorde, this is far from the first time that she has made a truly unbelievable charitable donation. Back in June, the "Royals" singer reportedly donated $20,000 to a New Zealand children's charity to help all kids have access to food in school. She once again donated the money on a GiveALittle page, which makes me wonder if she searches the site and periodically donates larges sums of money here and there.

"Hope this helps a little bit," she wrote at the time, again, under her legal name. "Lots of love from a former kid who is passionate about all kids having access to food at school."

As for the Busch-Barry family, as of this writing, they have received a whopping $68,467 in donations — though that is still less than half of their $160,000 goal. Hopefully, the press surrounding Lorde's generous donation will inspire others to give as well.