How Much Are Morphe's Pressed Pigments? These Shimmery Shades Are So Affordable

After taking a break from their shadows for a while, this beauty brand is back. Morphe Brushes created Pressed Pigments that are even bigger and shinier than ever, if you can imagine it. They teased their fans for some time now about the new product and now they're here in 30 gorgeous shades. How much are Morphe's Pressed Pigments, you ask? You won't believe how affordable they are.

This year has been a huge year for Morphe. They created makeup sponges, lip glosses, and even concealers. Now they're going back to their roots with eyeshadows and they definitely don't disappoint. Morphe has come up with 30 new, shimmery colors that are better than ever. Part of that is the price. They're sold individually for $5.99 each. This is not a drill, people. It's doesn't get much more affordable than this.

The Pressed Pigments are different in a couple of ways. For the first time, you'll get a case along with the shadow pan. The pans are also a whole lot bigger than the standard hues. Because the formula is a bit more gel-like than the others, the website also recommends that you use a synthetic brush. No worries though, because Morphe has some of the best available on their site as well.

Just look at those swatches! The colors are unreal. As of now, each one of the Pressed Powders is shimmery, but there's still a ton of shades to choose from. While some are a bit more subtle than others, none are matte.

You can snag these colorful pans on the Morphe site right now. All 30 shades are currently in stock and just looking to be added to your makeup collection.

So what are you waiting for? Go shop these gorgeous pigments before they sell out!

Images: morphebrushes/Instagram (1)