Are ColourPop’s Fall Bundles Sold Out? Rack Up On These Shades While You Can

When ColourPop has a sale, you’re pretty much obligated to take advantage of it. Their products are already crazy affordable, so the fact that they offer discounts and promotions on the regular makes it even easier to rack up on makeup from this brand. Now that their seasonal shades are on sale, you’ve got to find out the answer to one very important question. Are ColourPop’s Fall Bundles sold out? You’re in luck, ColourPoppers!

You can shop the brand’s best fall lippies in sets of three for only $15. There are three different color options to choose from, too. You can snag Can You Knot containing three covetable plum shades, Up and Away which holds the best terracotta hues inside or Out and About for all of the dusty rose coloring you could ever hope for. Each set was still up for grabs at the time of publication.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the brand’s also offering free domestic shipping. Shop before Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT to have these items sent to you with no added cost. If you’re not on your way to the ColourPop website as we speak, you’ve got to get your priorities straight before these trios sell out!

This discount is nearly too good to be true. You’ll save $3 when you shop one of these bundled options.

The fact that you can also score free shipping only makes this deal even more irresistible!

1. Can You Knot

Can You Knot Fall Bundle, $15, ColourPop Cosmetics

You'll get a gloss as well as lippies with a satin and matte finish when you cop this set.

2. Out And About

Out and About Fall Bundle, $15, ColourPop Cosmetics

This season's all about muted rose colors, so these are pretty much the only lipsticks you'll want to wear.

3. Up And Away

Up and Away Fall Bundle, $15, ColourPop Cosmetics

If you want to slick on the ultimate trendy color, you've got to shop these shades. No one could blame you for keeping these on rotation all fall long!

Shop away, beauty lovers! This deal is calling your name.

Images: Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics (3)