It's Time To See The Second Kyshadow Palette

When it comes to generating hype, nobody does it quite as well as Kylie Jenner. She's been teasing her second Kyshadow palette online, and finally, we've been given a glimpse of what this baby holds inside. What shades are in the latest Kyshadow Palette? These photos say it all!

The first Bronze Kyshadow Palette featured warm neutral hues. There were bold pops of orange color and a mix of shimmering and matte finishes. This time around, though, you can expect even more sparkle and color. From the looks of it, these shadows are much darker than before. They seem to be just the thing you need to achieve a super glam look. No more everyday neutrals here. Oh no, Jenner's going even bigger this time around.

Based on what's been seen so far, you can expect plenty of plum shades to be packed into this palette. A deep purple color is perfect for this time of year because clearly, Jenner knows what she's doing when it comes to fall beauty. So, not only are you going to want to rack up on all of the Fall Lip Kits, you're also going to want to add this latest palette to your collection, stat. It's like she just understands you, isn't it?

The wait was all too long! But, more photos are finally here.

Loving the purple!

The packaging has got the same great design as last time.

But, in all new, plum-colored shades.

I'm into this purple color scheme, so far!

There's going to be a mixture of shimmer and mattes again, by the looks of it.

I'll just be here waiting to see more!

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1); kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat (7)