Could Drake Release Another Album By The End Of 2016? This New Rumor Is Too Good To Be True

Hold on tight to your worn out copies of Views, Drake fans, because there is some talk in the music industry that another Drake album could be coming soon. But could Drake release another album by the end of this year? That’s what some people in Drake’s inner circle are saying could happen, and that could be huge news for his fans. But my question among this entire buzz is this: is it even possible for Drake to released another album? Considering that it’s only been six months since his fourth studio album Views dropped so graciously into our laps, I have a hard time believing that he would have another album ready and waiting in the wings. But that is what Lil’ Wayne’s manager, Cortez Bryant, said in a recent interview on Rap Radar’s podcast.

Or, to be more precise, Bryant talked about how Drake’s musical future could affect his client’s financial well being: "[Young Money] is worth $51 million and more, now... With two or three Drake albums coming out this year, that pot's big.” Um, excuse me. Did you say two or three?

I hate to interrupt your happy dance, Drake fans, but I think it’s time to do a little bit of math. It’s October. Like, mid-October, which means that we’re looking at a maximum of 10 weeks left in the year for Drake to drop his two or three albums that he’s just sitting on like a hen on some eggs. That’s not a lot. But that also doesn’t mean that more Drake albums are an impossibility. Just highly, highly improbable.

Still, I don’t think Cortez is necessarily wrong about the general gist of his information. It’s very possible that Drake already has enough material for more albums, and more albums soon. Especially since there were reportedly six songs cut from Views that were previously released, but that have yet to make it on to any of Drake’s albums. However, six songs don't spell an album. They spell an EP.

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Now two or three EPs by the end of the year? That I could see happening. But, until they appear in my ears like the magical little sound clouds, I’m just going to keep holding out hope that those six songs find their way on to a new Drake album soon — just not before the end of the year.