What Time Is The Burgundy Kyshadow Palette Coming Out? Set Your Alarms & Don't Be Late

When Kylie Jenner creates a new beauty product, she absolutely delivers. If her countless Lip Kit shades weren't proof enough, then the latest eyeshadow palette definitely is. What time is the Burgundy Kyshadow Palette coming out? You’re going to want to set an alarm and have your makeup-shopping game face on. Because based on Twitter reactions online, you’re going to have some stiff competition vying for this product.

After much teasing, Jenner finally revealed the palette, and all of the photos and swatches of these shadows proved that they are the perfect plum colors for the fall season. This palette contains nine different shadows, much like the Bronze Kyshadow Palette. But, this time around, she’s packed this item with even more shimmering pigments and more bold colors. These shades definitely aren’t your everyday neutrals, but they’re still completely wearable. I mean, colors this pretty would be hard to resist.

Once everyone had been able to see the latest Kylie Cosmetics product and all of its greatness, she also announced when it will be available to shop. You can expect it to become available online at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on Oct. 20. So, be ready, people. Getting the shades of the season won’t come easily!

The reveal proved that this packaging is just as great as the first time around.

And the shadows it holds inside, well, those are pretty incredible, if you ask me.

The shimmers are ultra powerful this time around.

That color payoff is insane!

Jenner's created yet another majorly covetable cosmetics item. So, be sure you're ready to add this baby to your cart the moment it's available online. Because seriously, you need these in your life.

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)