Twitter Reactions To Jaclyn Hill's Garbage Bag "Shirt" Will Make You Want To Try The Trend

It's official. Jaclyn Hill can make anything look good. The queen of highlight wore a garbage bag as a shirt on Snapchat, and actually pulled it off. You won't believe the quirky style until you see it. Her fans are taking to Twitter to show their love for the new look and even starting to plan their own outfits. If this isn't trendsetting, then I don't know what is.

While Hill is known for her makeup skills, she's decided to get into fashion lately. She now has a whole section devoted to it on her blog and even took to Snapchat to have her followers help style an outfit with her. There was one part of the outfit that was a surprise to everyone though.

Before having a late-night dance session, her and her best friend took to social media to show off their new creations. The shirt had one side off-the-shoulder and the other had an edgy pointed shoulder. Basically, if it was a real shirt, you'd probably be out buying it right now. It wasn't long before her fans noticed the new "trend," and were complementing her on her DIY fashion skills. Here's what the fan-styled outfit looked like before the trash bag.

This is pretty much head-to-toe perfection. But just wait until you see it with the trash bag shirt over it.

How she manages to look this good in a garbage bag, I will never know. What is clear is that it's inspiring her Hillsters to try the trend too. Ever since her Snapchat video, her fans have been completely obsessed. Here's what they have to say about the look.

Easiest costume ever.

Living, breathing, dying, and sneezing for this outfit.

No shame.

Trendy and reliable.

Because when Hill recommends a product, you buy it.


This is why her Hillsters love her.

Brb on my way to go get some trash bags...

Images: JaclynHill/Instagram (1). JaclynRHill/Snapchat (1)