8 Reasons To Follow Jaclyn Hill's Snapchat

Maybe you just don't watch Youtube, or maybe beauty's not your thing, and if these things are true about you, then I totally understand you not realizing who beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is. However, if you're a beauty lover, these eight reason to follow Jaclyn Hill's Snapchat will have you even more in love with everyone's favorite guru than you already are. From sneak peeks at her stunning sense of style to unboxing products, her Snapchat gives fans a look at a more casual Hill, and it's totally worth a follow.

Hill is commonly considered one of the YouTube originals, the YouTubers who started the beauty vlogging movement before it truly took off a few years ago. One glance at the channel, and it's easy to see why her social media platform of choice has continued to grow year by yeard, and by grow, I mean that it's reached over 2,900,000 subscribers. No big, right?

The stunning YouTube guru has taken that level of success and parlayed it into even more entrepreneurial ventures. Hill's collaboration with Becca resulted in one of the most bomb highlighters on the market, and the product — Champagne Pop —has now been made a permanent member of the Becca family with more news from Becca x Jaclyn Hill seemingly on the horizon. Plus, Hill recently announced that she has been working on her highly anticipated makeup line, and it sent her fans over the moon with happiness.

If you can get to know the YouTuber via her channel, why follow Jaclyn Hill's Snapchat? Because it's on her Snapchat that we're blessed with unfiltered Jaclyn Hill time. From admitting her anxieties to announcing the latest tutorials to celebrating with her #snapchat fam, Hill personally connects to her fans, and you should totally join in.

Because You Get To See Her Adorable Dogs

Frank and George for cutest dogs, ever? Yes, and I say this as a dog owner.

Because You Get Glimpses Of Her Insane Style

In case you didn't know, Hill's fashion game is on point. From looks inside her closet to simple snaps with her family, you get little glimpses of her style you don't catch on YouTube.

Because She's Open And Honest

Hill is no stranger to opening up about her former relationships or issues with anxiety on her YouTube channel, but she also commonly opens up about some of her everyday struggles with online hate and personal anxieties via Snapchat. When she does, Hill makes sure to encourage self-care to her #snapchatfam because she loves us, guys. She really loves us.

Because Of The Q&A's

Hill has used her Snapchat in the past to host question and answer sessions. Here's hoping we all get another shot at a Snapchat Q&A.

Because She Keeps It Real

Toe selfies. Want the answer? Follow Hill's Snapchat.

Because Of The Swatches

Hill gives her followers peeks at products via Snapchat so if you wanted to swatch something before ordering it, Hill's got you covered.

Because Of The Guest Stars

Yes, MannyMUA is a guest star! Have you seen his YouTube? Star!

Because Of The Early Announcements

Want to know what's coming down the YouTube pipeline? Hill lets her fans know what she's got coming up next on her channel nearly every week.

Basically, if you're not, you need to follow Jaclyn Hill's Snapchat. If you thought you loved her before, just wait until she's dancing to Beyonce in her house. I'm living, dying, breathing, and sneezing for Hill's Snapchat.