What's In Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour Collection? The Merch Covers All The Singer's Favorite Trends

Whether you're going to the Dangerous Woman tour or not, Ariana Grande is about to hook you up. The singer launched her tour merch and it's ever bit as stylish as you'd think it would be. What's in Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour Collection? There's everything from the hottest trends to minimalistic tees. Trust me when I say that you're going to want it all.

Singers have seriously been stepping it up when it comes to their tour merch. There was a time when the only way you could get a concert tee was by actually going to the concert. Well, not anymore. Everyone from Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez has come out with full-on clothing collection that anyone can buy. Grande is the latest to jump on the tour merch trend. All you have to do is head over to her Dangerous Woman website to snag all of your favorites.

Her collection keeps it a bit more simple than others, but still has all the best trends. There's crop tops, jersey tees, and even chokers. Basically, everything you need to look great and support the singer at the same time. She even took to Instagram to model some of her new swag as well. I have to admit, it looks pretty darn stylish.

Clearly the pieces look just as great dressed up as they do dressed down. Here's ever single item in the collection, so you can choose your favorites.

1. Bunny Ear Crewneck

Dangerous Woman Album Cover Crew Neck, $60, arianagrande.shop.com

Her album cover is iconic, and now you can wear it wherever you go.

2. Crop Top

Dangerous Woman Off The Shoulder Tee, $35, arianagrande.shop.com

Because who doesn't love a great crop top.

3. Graphic Tee

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman T-Shirt, $30, arianagrande.shop.com

If the crop top isn't for you, there's a tee instead.

4. Choker

Dangerous Woman Choker, $17.50, arianagrande.shop.com

It wouldn't be a Grande collection without a choker.

5. Bunny Ear Tee

Dangerous Woman Album Cover Tee, $30, arianagrande.shop.com

There's also a tee in the bunny-ear style.

6. Dangerous Woman Crewneck

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Crewneck, $60, arianagrande.shop.com

Who says you can't be a dangerous woman in a crewneck?

The only thing missing is a hat with the top cut out to put your high pony tail through.

Images: dangerouswomantour/Instagram (1), Dangerous Woman Website (6)