15 Clever Gifts For Dog Lovers

Confession time: I don’t have a dog (yet), and I never had one growing up. But I still am more than qualified to share with you the very best dog themed gifts for people who like dogs more than humans. After all, my urge to own a corgi is so strong that I am kept sane only by GIFs and the countless Pinterest wish lists filled with the things I will buy when I finally get a dog. Truly, trust me when I say I've done the research. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and make the argument that this little fact makes me the most qualified to write gift guides for dog lovers.

I fill my lack-of-puppy loneliness with things like corgi pillows and flower pots shaped like dogs. The vast majority of my best friends own dogs that I regularly shop for, and while I’d like to pretend that this is a coincidence, there’s admittedly a pretty solid chance that I only befriended them because of said dogs. Whether you’re shopping for your dog or shopping for yourself with your love of dogs in mind, check out these awesome gifts and items for humans who prefer man’s best friend.

1. If You Love Baking And You Love Your Dog

Nostalgia Electrics Doggie Biscuit Treat Maker, $50, Amazon

Spend a quiet Saturday night in with your dog and this Nostalgia Electrics doggie biscuit treat maker, which lets you make your very own homemade dog treats, complete with mixes and recipes.

2. Channel Your Inner Canine During Your Beauty Routine

Wildlife Artists Plush Wolf Headband, $8, Amazon

Channel your inner canine when you wash your face at night with this Wildlife Artists plush wolf headband. It’s soft yet durable, and it adds a little cuteness to any day.

3. See And Talk To Your Pet While You’re Away

Petzi Treat Cam, $160, Amazon

Pet-related separation anxiety? The Petzi Treat Cam is a remote webcam and treat dispenser that lets you see your pet from your phone, speak through the microphone, and release treats whenever you want.

4. These Hilarious And Durable Dog Toys

Silly Dog Toys, $10, Uncommon Goods

Amuse both your dog and yourself with these silly dog toys. Non-toxic and made from solid rubber, they give your pet an instant mustache or funny tongue.

5. Keep Your Dog Dry While You Walk Him

Lesypet Dog Umbrella, $15, Amazon

If your heart breaks at the thought of your cold, wet dog, this genius Lesypet dog umbrella has a built-in leash hook that hangs over your dog when you're walking in the rain

6. Make Ice Cubes Shaped Like Dachshunds

Dachshund Dog Shaped Ice Cube Tray, $13, Amazon

This dachshund dog shaped ice cube tray creates cute little ice cubes that hold their doggy shape as they melt. Not to mention, they'll make for an awesome conversation starter at your next party.

7. Calm Your Dog With These Canine-Friendly Tunes

Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker, $55, Amazon

Pretty much the dead opposite of a dog whistle, this Pet Tunes bluetooth speaker is pre-loaded with canine-friendly music that calms your dog down immediately. Plus it’s USB-rechargeable, and can last up to ten hours.

8. Suddenly, Salads Are Infinitely More Adorable

Wiener Dog Oil and Vinegar Set, $30, Uncommon Goods

Any salad becomes infinitely better with this Wiener Dog oil and vinegar set. It's handmade, and it lets you pour your dressing from the tips of their tails.

9. This Cute Little Desk Calendar

Shabby Chic Dog Desk Calendar, $23, Amazon

This whimsical and rustic Shabby Chic Dog desk calendar is a totally functional calendar. It's sure to brighten up any desk or workspace with its cute dog shape and interchangeable blocks.

10. These Glasses For Wine And Wisdom

Dog Wisdom Stemless Wine Glasses, $42, Amazon

If you’ve learned all things of importance from your dog, these Dog Wisdom stemless wine glasses are just as genius, and come in a set of four. They’re dishwasher-safe and feature nuggets of wisdom like, “dig life & take naps.”

11. Keep Your Dog Hydrated Anywhere

Dog Bowl Water Bottle, $20, Uncommon Goods

This awesome Dog Bowl Water Bottle ensures that your pet has water anywhere. Simply squeeze, and the attached bowl fills up. It’s also food safe and BPA-free—ideal for your dog’s health.

12. So You Can Find Your Dog's "Waddle Enablers"

Anatomy Of A Pug Mug, $15, Amazon

This highly scientific Anatomy Of A Pug mug is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. And most importantly, it shows you exactly where your pug’s "waddle enablers" are.

13. Truth: Corgi Butts Are The Cutest Ever

Twerk Team Corgi Pillow, $28, Look Human

Showcase your love of corgi butts with this Twerk Team corgi pillow, which is hand-sewn and made from 100 percent recycled material.

14. This Printed Basket For Organizing Pet Clutter

DII Bone Pet Toy & Accessory Storage, $19, Amazon

When you're a proud dog mom, you're house is filled with dog toys. That's Just how it is. Clean them up and hold them in one place with this cute patterned storage bin.

15. A Rose Planted In Anything Else Would Not Smell As Sweet

Corgi Flower Pots, $19, Amazon

Brighten up your desk or windowsill with these corgi flower pots. They’re durable, waterproof, and damn adorable.

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