Olivia WIlde & Jason Sudeikis Have Amazing News

by Allie Gemmill

One of the coolest families in Hollywood just got bigger — and, even better, their little bundle of joy arrived on the most badass day of the year. That's right: Olivia Wilde gave birth to her daughter on International Day of the Girl. This means that October 11, the date of International Day of the Girl, just got one of the coolest little mascots on the planet. What could be better than baby Sudeikis championing girls across the world? It's almost too good a birthday for Olivia Wilde's progeny, considering Wilde an outspoken feminist herself. Recently, Wilde made headlines when she tweeted that she could not imagine (or want to) raising her daughter under a Trump presidency. The moment was bittersweet, not only because Wilde lowkey announced to the world she was having a daughter, but because she was also make a very feminist statement.

Now, that girl power is doubled with the arrival of Daisy Josephine Sudeikis, who shares her birthday with one of the most special days for women in the the calendar year. Daisy is the newest addition to the Sudeikis clan, and is joined by her older brother, Otis, who I'm sure already does a heck of a job keeping both Wilde and Sudeikis on their toes. Can you just picture Sudeikis fawning all over Daisy right now? Or Wilde holding her up, like Simba in The Lion King, proudly proclaiming that she was born on the best day of the year?

This is probably my favorite birth announcement of the year. Not only is Daisy just about the cutest little celebrity baby on the planet, but she is a celebrity unknowingly representing a wonderful cause: young girls. For those who were unaware, International Day of the Girl was started by the United Nations in 2011 "to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential." Maybe the UN will want to recruit Daisy as their poster child, dressed in full Rosie the Riveter garb, once she's old enough to flex her biceps? I'm sure Wilde would be incredibly proud.