Emily Blunt Gives Out Puppies On 'SNL' & Twitter Couldn't Get Enough

During her Saturday Night Live monologue, Emily Blunt acknowledged that it's currently an intense time for American politics with the Presidential election less than one month away. She also stars in the dark drama-thriller Girl on the Train, which is currently in theaters. On Saturday night, the actor decided to bring some brightness to the world — Emily Blunt handed out puppies during her SNL monologue while singing "Come On, Get Happy," and, naturally, the internet loved it, because puppies, you guys. Actual puppies.

Blunt began her monologue by talking about how she felt like there were "dark clouds hanging above all of us" and how she wanted to inject some "fun, positive energy in here." She continued: "I want to be happy again," and then began singing the fun tune, perhaps channeling her new upcoming role as Mary Poppins. Cast member Mikey Day brings out cookies and she hands them to audience, but that's not happy enough for Blunt yet. So cast members Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson bring out puppies. Puppies. Blunt then tells the audience the most magical words in the English language: "Everyone's getting a puppy!"

Yeah, another audience member gets to sit in the massage chair and another one gets a cake with her face on it, but those things do not compare to the puppies.

Look at how cute they are. Keep looking. Puppies.

Where was I? The doggies were so cute that even fans on Twitter lost their train of thought as well. Because they were all hear-eye emojis for the pups.

The cute dogs were such a nice break from all the politics saturating the news right now, so Blunt totally did what she set out to do. Viewers got happy just by seeing those cute pups.

Next time, SNL needs to hand them out through the TV screen. Please?