The Best #100YearsStrong Tweets To Celebrate PP

by Cate Carrejo

100 years ago Sunday, feminist hero Margaret Sanger opened the very first Planned Parenthood. Before women even had the right to vote, Sanger and her compatriots were fighting against society and the political system, helping women find the freedom to make decisions for their own lives. A century later, the fight still continues, seemingly sometimes without too much progress in the interim. However, instead of operating on the cultural fringes, Planned Parenthood is now a central institution in the American healthcare system, and one for which many people are grateful. Some of the best Planned Parenthood #100YearsStrong tweets are from celebrities, politicians, and prominent activists, proving that Sanger pushed the feminist movement into the forefront of American society.

Although there is plenty of pushback online from anti-abortion activists who don’t understand the true mission of Planned Parenthood, the overwhelming consensus is gratitude for all that the organization does for both women and men. Ultimately, abortion services make up just a small percentage of the work that Planned Parenthood does — patients can also access low cost health services like STD testing and treatment, contraceptives, cancer screenings, and prenatal care. Planned Parenthood is so much more than its one controversial aspect, and the people who are celebrating with the hashtag #100YearsStrong understand that. Planned Parenthood is truly a force for good, and its anniversary a cause for celebration.

Political Advocates

Without these politicians advocating for Planned Parenthood, the organization might have been fully defunded by the federal government. Instead, PP lives to keep fighting for public healthcare and fair abortion access.

The President Of Planned Parenthood

POTUS Himself

Supporting Planned Parenthood's True Mission

What The Organization Is Really About

Celebrity Supporters

Tons of celebrities are vocal advocates of Planned Parenthood, which helps bring important awareness to the fight for the organization's future. They're a big part of the reason that PP is still surviving today.

Trans Love

Thanks Allies!

Celebrity Have Been Patients Too

Best Anniversary Present Ever

Grateful Patients

Millions of women and men have utilized Planned Parenthood's services and aren't afraid to share their stories. These are just a handful of the many who have spoken out with gratitude for the care they received at PP.

Me Too, Dude

Freedom Of Choice Is A Right

Planned Parenthood Saves Lives

Whatever Care You Might Need

The public show of support for Planned Parenthood is reassuring and empowering for the millions of people who have used any of its numerous services. With this continued support, PP can continue its public health mission for at least another hundred years.