Will 'The Flash' Be On Hulu? Season 3 Is Changing Up Its Streaming Options

The third season of The Flash has officially begun, and there's already some twisty time travel and alternate universe exploration that warrants some rewatching, which might mean making use of one of the many streaming services available. But if you were planning to catch up or rewatch episodes of The Flash Season 3 on Hulu, you'll need to find another another way. Previously, fans were able to watch the CW series just one day after each episode aired, but as of this season, The Flash will no longer stream on Hulu. As AdWeek reported, The CW's deal with Hulu ended, so none of the network's series will be available on the platform. But don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to keep up with The Flash and your other favorite CW series, even if you can't catch them live on TV.

Living in the era of peak TV means there's simply not enough time to watch everything live, so having a place to catch up after an episode's initial broadcast is crucial. Since you won't find CW series like The Flash on Hulu anymore, here are the other options to stream Season 3 and make sure you're always caught up on Barry Allen's adventures.

The CW Website

When it comes to next-day streaming, this is your best option. CWTV.com is now the only website that will have The Flash episodes available the morning after they air so that you can find out what Barry and co. are up to just hours after anyone who watched live. It's totally free and you don't even need a cable login to watch.

The CW App

If you don't want to watch The Flash on your computer, no need to worry — The CW App lets you watch shows on many other devices, from iPads to video game consoles. And just like the website, the app is free to download and won't ask you to verify a cable subscription.


Netflix isn't in the next-day streaming business in the U.S. right now, but it did just make a great deal with The CW that, according to Variety, will make full seasons of CW series like The Flash available to stream just eight days after the season finale. So if you fall far behind, you can catch up pretty quickly once the show goes on summer hiatus.

Through Your Cable Company

Don't forget about the On Demand service offered through your cable company, as many different companies offer CW series for free the day after an episode airs. You'll probably have to watch commercials, but hey, that just gives you some time to get up and grab a snack.


If you haven't considered this possibility just yet, you must be new to peak TV. If you have a DVR, this should be your first stop when it comes to watching any show shortly after it airs, since you can hit play whenever you want and set the whole season to record so you never have to think about it.

With all of these streaming options, there's no reason why you should miss out on a single moment of The Flash Season 3, no matter how busy your schedule is.

Images: Dean Buscher/The CW; Giphy (5)