40 Bizarre Gift Ideas Trending on Amazon That Are Actually Brilliant

If there’s anything I’ve learned while lurking around Amazon’s popular purchases, it’s that people buy some really weird stuff. It takes time to pick out the bizarre trending items that are actually brilliant, because admittedly, a lot of them are just plain bizarre. If you weren’t already aware, please allow me the privilege of informing you that you can buy a pillow with Nick Cage’s head on it, toilet paper with Donald Trump’s face on it, and a life-size yeti statue that’ll cost somewhere around $2,500 dollars. On the other hand, you’ve got the weird but actually pretty useful stuff trending on Amazon — the type of products that initially cause a bit of confusion, but on second thought, make fantastic gifts.

The best place to look for these types of things is the Movers and the Shakers page. This is where Amazon posts the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours. Another awesome option is the New and Interesting Finds page, where the most commonly wish-listed products are posted. Both are updated regularly, and as a result, you’ve got a perpetual flow of weird but genius gifts for those people in your life who, thankfully, are pretty open-minded.

1. For That Person Who’s Tired Of Unclogging Their Drain Every Month

SinkShroom The Revolutionary Sink Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

Because of its innovative mushroom shape and hole-filled interior, the SinkShroom revolutionary sink drain protector catches every single hair (as well as your valuables) as they slip down the drain. It sits inside the drain instead of on top, fits just about every shower or sink, and is super easy to clean just by wiping it off.

2. Cover Your Face With Some Mud

Majestic Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask, $14, Amazon

Smear this salty mud all over your face to correct breakouts, oil, and blackheads.

3. This Innovative Styling Tool That Does It All

xtava Hotness 3-in-1 Styler, $35, Amazon

Because of its rounded exterior bristles and ceramic tourmaline plates, the xtava Hotness 3-in-1 styler takes care of curling, straightening, and brushing in one tool. It’s an incredible value because it covers all your bases and it emits negative ions, which should reduce heat damage and give you sleek, frizz-free hair.

4. Serve The Perfect Slice Every Time

Bicycle Pizza Cutter, $7, Amazon

This cute bicycle pizza cutter is an innovative way to serve up everybody’s favorite meal. It’s made from aluminum and stainless steel, so it’s durable, and it’s got a little stand to keep the sauce off your table. Best of all, it comes in 11 different colors to match your kitchen.

5. These Weird But Effective Makeup Brushes

USpicy Professional Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brushes, $21, Amazon

These weirdly shaped USpicy professional oval toothbrush makeup brushes are actually ergonomically designed to give you greater stability and application.

6. These Weird Sandals That Stimulate Pressure Points In Your Feet

Kkika Sandal Reflex Massage Slippers, $24, Amazon

These bizarre Kkika Sandal Reflex massage slippers are based on the theory of reflexology and built to stimulate certain pressure points in your feet while you walk around. They can help with circulation, headaches, and low energy levels. They’re even made with antimicrobial materials to reduce foot odor!

7. Virtual Reality Using Your Smart Phone

VersionTech Virtual Reality Headset, $19, Amazon

This VersionTech virtual reality headset fits most smart phones so you can watch movies and play games in 3D virtual reality.

8. This Soap Made From Charcoal That Effortlessly Cleanses And Removes Smells

Bamboo Charcoal Liquid Hand Soap, $24, Amazon

Bamboo charcoal is naturally absorbent, so it draws out impurities from the surface of the skin. This bamboo charcoal liquid hand soap also has other natural ingredients like aloe and essential oils to soften and hydrate skin while it disinfects.

9. Wash Yourself With Coconut Oil

AJ Pure Natural Body Wash, $10, Amazon

This AJ Pure natural body wash (and its accompanying guide book) is a must, because apparently washing yourself with coconut oil and eucalyptus can clear up eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin.

10. This Gross But Extremely Useful Egg Separator

Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator , $15, Amazon

The Mr. Sniffles egg separator is an intriguing conversation piece that’s also a pretty convenient tool. Crack an egg on top, tilt it forward, and let the egg whites drip out of his nose. It’s crafted from durable earthenware ceramic, and it can also be used for things like maple syrup and gravy. It’s sure to have your dinner guests cracking up.

11. These Genius Korean Patches For Puffy Or Dark Under-Eyes

Etude House Collagen Eye Patch, $10, Amazon

These Etude House Collagen Eye Patches are crazy trendy in the Korean beauty world, and that’s because they claim to hydrate, brighten, and improve elasticity under and around the eyes. They use vitamins and collagen to give you a fresh, awake look, and reviewers say that this pack of ten is incredible for de-puffing your eyes in the morning.

12. These Cat Masks For Clearer Skin

Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet, $10, Amazon

This set of ten terrifying Baby Pet magic mask sheets are hydrating and help to reduce acne.

13. This Space-Savvy Kitchen Essential That Covers All Your Whisking Needs

Joseph Joseph 2-in-1 Balloon and Flat Whisk, $9, Amazon

Not only is the shape convenient for storage, but the Joseph Joseph 2-in-1 whisk can be used as a flat tool (for combining ingredients or scraping the sides of the bowl) and as a regular whisk (think: egg whites or whipped cream). It changes at the turn of a handle, and it’s also non-stick, silicone-coated, and dishwasher-safe.

14. This Weird But Modern Coffee Maker

Chemex Glass Coffee Maker, $38, Amazon

A particularly modern solution, this Chemex Glass Coffee Maker works without electricity: just add a filter, your favorite grounds, and boiling water.

15. Combine Your Knife And Cutting Board Into These Genius Scissors

Clever 2-in-1 Food Chopper, $20, Amazon

This genius Clever 2-in-1 food chopper combines a razor-sharp knife and a sturdy cutting board into a scissor-like design that makes chopping and prep a breeze. It has a stainless steel blade that stands up to even the hardest vegetables, and it’s got a safety lock to prevent injuries. Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean-up.

16. A Confusing But Surprisingly Functional Bag

Leegoal Women 2D Bag, $20, Amazon

People are flipping over these Leegoal 2D bags; they look like a cartoon drawing, but you can actually carry stuff in them.

17. This Bluetooth Speaker That Looks Like It’s From Transformers

ELEGIANT Bluetooth Speaker, $22, Amazon

A clear-sounding wide-range ELEGIANT bluetooth speaker, because your life isn’t quite futuristic enough.

18. This Chemical-Free Air Freshener That Works Like A Charm

Bad Air Sponge, $12, Amazon

The Bad Air Sponge might just be the only air freshener you’ll ever need. It uses safe, non-toxic materials to eliminate odors and reduce mold and mildew. It can even reduce musty smells from old rugs and couches, and reviewers are saying, “If you're looking for a safe and effective air freshener that you can put out and forget about which won't leave cloying chemical perfume odors, I highly recommend giving this product a try.”

19. The Future Of Underwear Is Bamboo

Boody Organic EcoWear Bamboo Underwear (Sizes XS-XL), $11-$24, Amazon

These Boody Organic EcoWear bamboo bikinis are the future of underwear. This specific fabric is 80 percent bamboo so it’s is softer than cotton, dries exceptionally fast, and is antibacterial and antifungal. It’s also got a seam-free design that’s super comfortable and won’t roll, creep, or sag.

20. For That Slightly Horror Movie-Loving Friend

Blood Bath Mat, $19, Amazon

For Halloween or just because you’re a little bit morbid, this blood bath mat turns red where it gets wet.

21. These Super Effective Korean Snail Extract Masks

Milky Piggy 24K Gold Waterdew Snail Mask, $14, Amazon

It may seem odd to westerners but an extremely popular ingredient in Korean beauty is snail mucus. It’s exceptionally moisturizing and helps your skin’s elasticity and complexion. The Milky Piggy 24K Gold snail mask contains ten packs of this innovative formula to cleanse, soften, and tighten, and reviewers say that it “doesn’t feel sticky at all.”

22. Build Onto Your Morning Coffee

FUBARBAR Build-On Brick Mug, $10, Amazon

You can actually attach Legos to this FUBARBAR build-on brick mug, which is BPA-free and comes in several different colors.

23. Looking For An Original Oil Diffuser? This One’s Adorable And Portable

USB Alien Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, $15, Amazon

People love this Alien aromatherapy diffuser, because it’s portable, purifies the air, and is powered by USB for your convenience. It can also be used with your favorite essential oils and improves air quality by removing allergens, smoke, and stale air.

24. Light Up Your Room In Any Color

Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb, $34, Amazon

Plug this Flux Bluetooth smart LED light bulb into any lamp, sync it up to your phone, and choose whatever color you want.

25. Power Your Phone With Everyone’s Favorite Emoji

Poop Emoji Power Bank, $14, Amazon

When your phone is two minutes from going dead, wirelessly charge it again with this poop emoji power bank.

26. A Hammock Specifically For Your Feet

Delxo Office Foot Hammock, $11, Amazon

This Delxo office foot hammock: because everyone’s foot has fallen asleep after too many consecutive hours at your desk.

27. Quit Coating Your Kitchen Table With Guacamole And Soup

CaliBowl Non-Spill Low Profile Bowl, $20, Amazon

With it’s non-slip silicone bottom and innovative rim design, the CaliBowl non-spill low profile bowl uses a curved inner lip to guides food back into the bowls or onto your utensil (or chip), eliminating over-the-edge spills food. This set of two is made from BPA-free nontoxic materials, they’re shatterproof, and they’re dishwasher safe. One pro-tip Amazon users want you to know: these bowls are great for dogs too.

28. Your Pet On Some Toast

Pet Emblazing Toaster, $30, Amazon

Choose from 13 different breeds and burn your dog’s silhouette into bread every morning with this pet emblazing toaster.

29. A Throwback To Polaroids

Fujifilm Instant Film Camera, $73, Amazon

Jump off the Instagram bandwagon for a sec; this Fujifilm instant film camera pops out instant photographs like the olden days, and it runs on batteries.

30. This Curved Trimmer To Safely Get Rid Of Facial Hair

Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer, $29, Amazon

The Panasonic facial hair trimmer has a unique curved design to suit your face, so you can groom your eyebrows and safely trim unwanted hair on your lip, neck, or chin. It has a hypoallergenic blade that won’t cause irritation, and since it’s battery operated, it’s wireless and portable.

31. The Most Badass Rocks Glass Ever

“Bulletproof” Rocks Glass, $23, Amazon

This handmade “Bulletproof” glass has a real bullet through the side of it, so it’s pretty much the most badass thing you’ll ever drink out of.

32. In Case You Really Want To Impress Your Friends

Wine Aerator Decanter, $20, Amazon

This weird-looking wine aerator decanter brings out all the subtle flavors and aromas in your wine.

33. This Portable Liquid Plastic Welder To Fix Anything In Seconds

Bondic Repair Anything Kit, $20, Amazon

This weird little tool called the Bondic Repair Anything kit is actually a portable liquid plastic welder. It melts tubes of plastic to fix wood, metal, plastic, or even fabric, and the UV light cures the fix in about four seconds. It’s also heat and water resistant and will stand up to acids, oils, lyles, and lubricants. Basically, it’s way stronger than glue and infinitely more precise.

34. This Adorably Nerdy Measuring Set

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set, $30, Amazon

This nine-set Star Wars R2-D2 measuring cup set is both shamelessly nerdy and really adorable.

35. Because You’re A Magical Unicorn

KingMas Unicorn Mask And Hooves, $16, Amazon

Not entirely sure why, but this KingMas unicorn mask and hooves set is selling like hotcakes right now.

36. Bam: Instant Couch

Akface Waterproof Inflatable Lounger, $31, Amazon

Run towards the wind with this Akface waterproof inflatable lounger, seal it up, put it down, and you’ve got an instant couch.

37. This Adorable Way To Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Your Spoon Handy

Fox Run Pig Spoon Holder, $6, Amazon

This Fox Run pig spoon holder is an adorable and smart way to keep your spoon handy and your counters clean. It’s made from heat resistant silicone, comes in different animal designs, and fits just about every pot and pan in your kitchen collection.

38. Clean Like The Europeans Do

Greenco Bidet, $19, Amazon

This fresh water Greenco bidet is important because a clean butt is a happy butt.

39. This Onion Cutter That Won’t Make You Cry

Vidalia Chopper Pro, $20, Amazon

No one wants to see a loved one cry, even if the water-works are just onion-induced. Enter the Vidalia Chopper Pro. This highly-rated kitchen tool was reviewed over 1,000 times on Amazon, making it the perfect gift for both the profession chief and the culinary klutz in your life. Its innovative design reduces onion vapors and traps them in the storage container, which can hold up to four cups at a time. It’s also got removable accessories to cut fruit, cheese, and other vegetables, and all parts are dishwasher safe.

40. This Alien-Like Gadget For Bluetooth In The Car

Nulaxy In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter, $22, Amazon

Seemingly always trending, this Nulaxy in-car Bluetooth FM transmitter makes any car Bluetooth friendly, just by plugging it into the cigarette lighter.

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