Justin Bieber's PacSun Tour Merch Is Still Avail

So many celeb clothing collections sell out on the quick, leaving shoppers frustrated, empty-handed, and disappointed about not being able to add trendy pieces to their wardrobes. Justin Bieber's PacSun Purpose Tour All Access merch collection is extensive and exclusive to the mall retailer and its website. It's loaded with options, from tees to tanks to jackets to hats to hoodies, with a largely red, white, black, and grey color palette. The range is branded with The Biebs' name, the "Purpose Tour" logo, and the "All Access" tag. The collection is also essentially unisex — if you like that oversized, "I borrowed it from my boyfriend" look, then you will want to scoop up plenty of pieces from this collection. But can you? Is the Justin Bieber x PacSun Purpose Tour All Access collection sold out?

It's not sold out... yet!

You can still shop the Bieber x PacSun tour collection via the PacSun site. As of press time, only one item is sold out and that's the Purpose Tour All Access Tan Pullover Hoodie. The other 12 items in the collection are still available for purchase. Bieber's Purpose Tour merch, which was also available at Forever 21, has proven incredibly popular. I expect this collection to sell out sooner than later, so don't delay. Get it while it's still getable.

The collection is inclusive of both genders. You have to love that.

It's also cool AF. The pieces are roomy and trendy, so you can be comfy and look good while rocking them. Plus, the items avail themselves of layering, which is a maj fall trend.

The Bieber x PacSun All Access clothes will pair well with tons of stuff already in your closet.

You will have to hit the site and see what sizes are still available but there are lots of items left. So don't delay any further. Get them before they are gone.

Images: Courtesy of PacSun (4)