Watching Librarians Shelve Books Is Hypnotic

Your Monday just got a whole lot better: this video of NYC librarians shelving 52,000 books in two minutes will make you feel so calm that you'll almost forget you have a full five days of work ahead of you. The video comes from the New York Public Library's Rose Main Reading Room, which has been closed for repairs since 2014. Finally, it's ready — and the librarians have been working over time to fill it back up with all those glorious books.

I don't envy them that job (it took me hours to semi-organize my own bookshelf before getting bored and giving up, and I only have a couple hundred books, compared to the thousands in the Rose Main Reading Room) — but watching the process in high-speed is pretty damn enjoyable. This video from the New York Public Library shows how incredibly efficient the librarians are, and how tirelessly they had to work to get the job done. It almost makes me feel bad about how recklessly I browse the shelves at my local library, now that I know how much effort went in to getting those shelves perfectly organized in the first place... but then this video made me feel so calm that I forgot to feel guilty.

Couldn't you just watch that on repeat all day? If only those librarians were free to come give me a hand shelving my latest Amazon book haul... Well, a girl can dream. But if they can fill the New York Public Library in two minutes, just think what wonders they could work with the books piled up on my bedroom floor!