Oprah is Serving Lindsay Lohan Some RuPaul Realness By... Swearing? — WATCH

Oprah Winfrey, as far as I'm concerned, is trying to turn herself into a veritable RuPaul Charles (a.k.a. our life coach from afar. We love you forever, Ru) in hopes of finally — finally! — turning Lindsay Lohan's life around. I mean, how else can you explain the Divine Ms. O's use of shocking profanity in this clip from her Lohan-centric docu-series, Lindsay ? You better sashay away or sing for your supper with hopes to stay, Lindsay girl.

The messiah of every "live your truth/find your bliss/be your best self" saying-slinger in the known universe dropped not only knowledge but an f-bomb on Lohan following a — shocker of all shocks — bit of a snafu on the show's production side. Completely unexpectedly, Lohan got a bit cagey when it came to filming the series and started to backtrack and pussyfoot around the production schedule once her nerves and the reality of the project caught up to her.

But O was having NONE.OF.IT. "You need to cut the bullshit," the OWN Network matriarch declared. Obviously hearing Oprah utter such an uncouth phrase will send many a housewife (or easily amused television reporter) into a fit of shock-induced giggles. As did her use of the word "fuck," even though it was in a decidedly more positive manner. No matter though, because the headline remains the same: Oprah Winfrey just swore not once, but twice, at Lindsay Lohan on national television. You're already mentally pressing play, aren't you? Admit it!

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Oh Lindsay girl, this is your last of the absolute last-last chances. Fuck it up and you'll be forced to sashay away from the entertainment world probably-maybe forever.