Stephen Colbert Is Tackling Election Night

Just when you thought the 2016 presidential election coverage had reached its peak, a shining light in the darkness has begun to appear. On Monday, it was announced that Stephen Colbert will be hosting a live election night special, and it may be the only thing any of us needs to watch for the rest of the election season. Why? Well, because television is currently one giant hellscape of talking heads and too many opinions. Sorry. That was a little bleak.

The reality for many voters and viewers alike is that, after a far-too-long and far-too-trying election season, having someone like Colbert step in and shine a little humor and wit onto the remaining moments of the election sounds like the perfect antidote to all of this crazy coverage. I don’t know about you, but the idea of spending election night cozy on the couch with Colbert making light of what has been a pretty terrible election sounds absolutely amazing to me.

The special, which is set to air on Showtime at 11 p.m., is called Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This Sh*t? With a name like that, I don’t know why you would want to watch anything else.

John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

But just in case you do, there are some other viewing options besides the standard litany of network and cable television. BuzzFeed, for instance, will be live-streaming election coverage. The move is a first for the news company, who will be teaming up with Twitter to bring all of the election’s best and biggest moments right to your computer. The special will showcase BuzzFeed News reporters, who will be evaluating the night’s big results as they come in.


There are also plenty of online election results that you can monitor if you want to completely avoid the insanity of television that night. As the rest of the world balances precariously on the edge of sanity over every single state and how it is going to vote, you can save yourself the stress by keeping tabs with Politico’s Key President Election Results by State. This is definitely the best option for those of us who only want minimal exposure to the evening’s debacle.


But no matter which way you choose to view (or not to view) the 2016 Presidential Election night results, just remember what Abraham Lincoln said: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Or, if that doesn’t work, just remember that November 9 will come eventually, and then all of this will finally be over.