Carson Daly’s Fiancee Is Pregnant With Their Third Child, But We Wish It Were 2001

Carson Daly, host of MTV's TRL — I'm sorry, what? That's not happening anymore? Um... Carson Daly host of that late night show? No, not that either? Carson Daly, host of the Today show?! Okay... if that's what we're working with here, I'll go with it, but that sounds a little crazy. Host of Today Carson Daly is expecting a baby with his fiancée Siri Pinter. This will be the third child for the couple who got engaged in October 2013. Daly and Pinter have a five-year-old son, Jack, and 19-month-old daughter, Etta.

Carson Daly, whose wife must be pretty upset that he's totally dating Tara Reid — Are you kidding me? That ended too?! What is this world? Anyway... Carson Daly, who apparently has a job at a real talk show and a fiancée, announced the news of Pinter's pregnancy on The Tonight Show. On Monday night's episode, Daly told host Jimmy Fallon, "I have a five year old and my daughter's 19 months, and we're expecting a third. For years my mom was like, 'When are you going to have a kid?' And now she's like, 'Slow down!'"

Me too, Carson Daly's mom! Why can't it just be the early 2000s again when the music was hilarious and the fashion was a horror the likes of which we haven't seen since? Now it's all Sharknado this and Carson Daly impregnating a lady named after an iPhone app that. It's really a lot to take in.

The Today show tweeted a congratulatory message for the couple while Pinter, who writes a food blog, used the platform to explain that the baby is the reason she's been posting so many chocolate cookie recipes.

Congrats to Carson and Siri! If we can't have the year 2000 back, we'll just have to accept your happiness instead.