Kylie's Fave Glasses Are Discounted & Do Good

She's all about charity angles right now! First, Kylie Jenner created her pastel pink Smile Lip Kit. All of the proceeds of that mega matte liquid lippie are donated to Smile Train, an organization that supports cleft surgeries for children globally. Now, Jenner has teamed up with DIFF Eyewear, a sunglasses brand that donates reading glasses to those in need with every pair of shades sold. Jenner's partnership with DIFF is special. For every pair of DIFF sunnies sold in a 24-hour period, the brand is donating two pairs of reading frames. DIFF is also offering a Kylie Jenner-specific, 25 percent off discount in that time frame. So, it's double the donation and a deal! This promo is a passive way for you to do good, all the while getting a pair of bomb shades at a total steal. How do you take advantage of this short-term discount?

It's so insanely easy. Go to the DIFF site, pick out your shades, enter the KINGKYLIE code at checkout, and boom! You're dunzo. You just helped to provide glasses to those who desperately need them. Go ahead and enjoy that warm 'n' fuzzy feeling.

Jenner posted an Instagram snap while wearing a pair of DIFF's pink, mirrored aviators, along with her rose gold hair in a high pony and a black tube top. She also detailed the discount terms.

All of the intel is there. Head over to the DIFF site to make a difference for someone you don't even know, all the while treating yourself to a new accessory below full price.

Cruz, $75, DIFF Eyewear

These are the frames that Jenner rocked on Instagram. The discount started on Monday, Oct. 17, and expires on Tuesday, Oct. 18. Don't delay, since time is ticking. Take advantage of the sweet savings while the discount is active and help two people obtain a pair of reading glasses, which are an often inaccessible luxury in other parts of the world.

Dime II, $75, DIFF Eyewear

The Dime II silhouette is my favorite. There are lots of styles available. So do this two-fer.

Since Jenner and DIFF posted the discount deets mid-day on Monday, the discount runs out in about eight hours, as of press time. Hurry! Go snag a pair of DIFFs and make a DIFFerence.

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Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1); Courtesy of DIFF (2)