Spice Girls/BSB Memorabilia You Owned In the '90s

by Christine DiStasio

Let's hope you didn't sell all of your vintage late-'90s memorabilia to the highest bidder just yet. Brian Littrell's recent comments about a Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys world tour may have just given your disgustingly old Chupa Chups a new lease on life. Lucky you! So call up your parents and let them know you plan to dig through your adolescent collectables in your garage — because you're really going to need that 15-year-old Spice Girl bubblegum now that it's 1999 again.

If you were lucky enough to be alive during the second British invasion — or what we fanatics like to call the rise of the Spice Girls — and the rise of the boy band — which brought us the synchronized dancing of the Backstreet Boys — you're probably freaking out right now. Mostly because the possibility of two of the most iconic pop acts of the late-'90s headlining the same concert is the greatest thing since Spice World. But also because you experienced and definitely owned some of the greatest and most ridiculous memorabilia of all time. (Seriously, there were Spice Girls pizzas .) And it all might be making a comeback — and, if not, at least you've got an excuse to display your Spice Girls Barbie doll collection loud and proud.

And if we're going to do a Spice Girls/BSB world tour any justice — we're going to have to break out all of our most ridiculous collectables. Starting with:

Chupa Chups

If you were anything like me, you obsessively collected and consumed Chupa Chups with the Spice Girls' faces on them. Even if some of the flavors weren't that good (chocolate and vanilla swirl, FTW), you forced your parents to buy them because there were stickers to be collected.

And you totally didn't think these were creepy — even though they kind of were.

Bubble Gum

The Spice Girls had the candy and sticker game on lock and I don't think there's anyone that's made us freak out more about just okay candy since. But, unlike the Chupa Chups, the only Spice Girls bubblegum you can buy on Ebay is the empty display box you would've bought it out of in the '90s. Also, if you have a piece lying around — it's probably stale and you shouldn't eat it. Just saying.

Unofficial Pocket Books

These were just amazing — and you can buy them on Ebay! I know they're unofficial, but these mini-books were a hot commodity if you were a Spice Girls fan.

Funky Chunky Stik-It Reusable Stickers

What's better than a sticker? A REUSABLE sticker. The Backstreet Boys knew something we all didn't — and their official merchandise included the Original Funky Chunky Stik-It. The '90s were all about the vinyl puffy sticker with an irrational lifespan apparently. (The Spice Girls had their own collection of puffy stickers and you can get those on Amazon.)

Foil Packs

Remember these little guys? The Backstreet Boys had their own trading card collection and each pack of them came with a sticker (because everything came with a sticker).

Backstreet Project Figurines

Definitely one of the finest merchandise collaborations to date. The Backstreet Boys teamed up with Burger King to create a set of "Backstreet Project" figurines. Based on the comic book by Nick Carter and Stan Lee that was sold at BSB concerts, each member was immortalized in their superhero garb and handed out with a Whopper Jr.

Spice Girls Barbies

There were 11 different collections of Spice Girls barbies released after their debut just before Christmas 1997. Let me repeat that, 11 DIFFERENT COLLECTIONS in three years. (The final "Millenium Tour Collection" was released in 2000.) Wrap your head around that — clearly everyone needed a Spice Girls doll, and I honestly wouldn't be opposed to buying a collection if they released one for this world tour.

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