Makeup Geek's Duochrome Highlighters Are Gorgeous

by Kali Borovic

Get ready for another shimmery launch, people! After teasing their fans for weeks about the new product, Makeup Geek's Duochrome Highlighters are finally being shown off. I'm talking six different products with a completely unique look. Not too many details have been released thus far, but swatches of Makeup Geek's Duochrome Highlighters will keep you busy until launch day.

If you thought the KathleenLights x Makeup Geek Highlighter Palette was good, then just wait until you see what's next. The brand is coming out with six, individually sold highlights that will blow you away. According to their Instagram post, each of the shades comes in a duochrome formula, which means instead of just one gorgeous shade, there's a blend of two in each pan. They skipped the traditional all together and went straight for something a little more unconventional.

The colors range from an icy-looking white to a gorgeous gold-based bronze shade. The packaging stays on the same track as the brand's other sleek and sophisticated designs. The compacts have shiny pink lids with the brand's initials embossed on the top. On the inside of the compact is a mirror that takes up the entire lid of the packaging. These might be the first ever single highlights released by the brand, but they're starting off with a bang.

Just look at that shine! The colors would look just as good on the eyelids as they would on the cheekbones. Not to mention the gorgeous shade at the end, which would be the perfect bronzer topper for a wide variety of skin tones. I don't know about you, but I'm dying to hear the launch date.

You can tell even just from the packaging that these highlights pack a punch. The two-toned color is the perfect mix of classic and bold. They opted for the same imprinted design as the KathleenLights x Makeup Geek Palette, which is absolutely gorgeous, in my opinion.

I can't wait to get my hands on these gorgeous highlighters!

Images: makeupgeekcosmetics/Instagram