Hilary Swank Just Launched A New Clothing Line

Holy moly, Hilary. First, she's an Academy Award-winning actress, and now she's a fashion designer and business owner — can anyone say #goals? Allow me to introduce you to Mission Statement, Hilary Swank's activewear line. Get your credit cards ready because you can grab these cool clothes right now.

Hilary Swank's line of luxury activewear is called Mission Statement, and it launched today at The clothing brand features conference-room-to-cocktails clothing that transitions effortlessly and looks insanely chic. Outerwear, track pants, bras, dresses, and even leg warmers are available, with prices ranging from $115 to a cool $900. This ain't fast fashion, people — Mission Statement offers quality mix-and-match pieces that can last through meetings, workouts, and happy hours for many years to come.

"I wanted to create...clothes that allow you to find that perfect balance of movement while working out, in the office, resting or playing," said Swank on "I couldn’t find the pieces that served me in all facets of my life, so I designed it. I wanted the clothes to not only function well but also reflect the way I want to feel in my day to day life…to merge high-performance and high-fashion."

Hil put a lot of heart into her designs, and it shows.

Mission Statement is a pretty motivating name for a clothing brand. Swank chose it to "make a choice every single day to step into my fullest potential, to not leave any stone unturned on my journey of discovery."

So cute.

I dig it.

Mission Statement Grand Slam Dress, $425,

Way cool, right? All of Mission Statement's current clothes are black, white, or navy — guaranteed to go with everything, anytime.

Images: Mission Statement