How To Turn Off Autocorrect In iOS 10

At least twice a week, my boyfriend gets a text from me saying, "I'm so ducking hungry," even though that is never, ever what I actually meant. The easiest solution, of course, would be to learn how to turn off autocorrect in iOS 10, so that I can send my boyfriend all the colorful text messages from my iPhone I want. And as it turns out, it's actually quite easy to do! Here's a breakdown of all the steps.

To be fair, autocorrect isn't a total nuisance. I text even faster than I talk, which means my messages often come out looking something like this: "Ahfeailivhukgske?" Autocorrect helps fix many of my errors, so that my sister is aware I'm just asking when we can have lunch. When you type on your phone, the device is quietly learning the words so that they can be used for autocorrect suggestions in the future. That's why we sometimes get stuck with jumbled texts we never meant to type. For the curious, there's a solution to this, and it involves reseting your keyboard dictionary. Conversely, there are also some words autocorrect won't fix, so bear that in mind, too.

But if you want to do away with autocorrect entirely, that's also an option. Here's how you can make it happen:

1. Access Your Settings

Please don't ask what the name of my WiFi network means.

2. Tap On "General"

Scroll down until you see Keyboard. I didn't see it right away, so you may need to go a little ways down.

3. Tap On "Keyboard"

The toggle on "Auto-Correction" is currently green, meaning the feature is enabled. (Side note: Take a look — this is also where you can disable other features like spell check and autocapitalization, if your heart so desires.)

4. Turn The "Auto-Correction" Switch To The Off Position

Once the toggle changes from green to white, you know you've disabled autocorrect and your boyfriend will no longer receive text messages saying, "I'm so ducking hungry." Text well, my friends.

Images: Studio Firma/Stocksy; Megan Grant/Bustle (4)