The Premiere Of ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Is SOON

When Americans first got a taste of Black Mirror after the anthology series about humans' relationship with technology hit Netflix, it didn't take long for it to become a bona fide pop culture phenomenon after its first two seasons were originally broadcast in the United Kingdom. Fast forward to September 2015, and it was announced that Netflix would create 12 new episodes of Black Mirror to be distributed exclusively through the streaming service, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now, six of those episodes will be available to view on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 21 when Season 3 of Black Mirror premieres. Considering how fast Season 3 of the show made its way to the public, don't you want to know when Season 4 of Black Mirror premieres?

UPDATE: Netflix announced on Dec. 6 in a new trailer that Black Mirror Season 4 will premiere on Dec. 29.

EARLIER: Well, I certainly do, and luckily, it might be sooner than you think. We already know a fourth season featuring those remaining six episodes a part of the Netflix deal is on its way, and it's likely it'll arrive sometime next year, Black Mirror creator and executive producer Charlie Brooker said at a press conference at the Television Critics Association in July, as reported by Vulture.

Brooker's fellow executive producer Annabel Jones also confirmed that there is more Black Mirror on the way earlier this month at a screening of an episode from Season 3 at the London Film Festival, according to Radio Times. "When you're ready to do the next series, you do [it]," she told the crowd, as reported by Radio Times. "Thankfully Netflix loved the show, stepped in and commissioned six films. So that allows us to play out on a bigger canvas, and take more risks, explore worlds without destabilizing the Black Mirror sensibility." She also added, "It's great. And we've got another season coming up too."

Brooker already teased that he'd like to explore the way society has become increasingly polarized in Season 4 during an interview with Deadline at New York Comic Con earlier this month. He also revealed that three scripts for next season have already been completed. "I can sort of hint that there’s some things we didn’t get to do during the first season because we felt they were in similar territory but some fresh ideas. One idea we’ve been wanting to do for ages that we’re doing, and we’ve got a mix of what I would say are epic stories alongside kitchen sink level domesticity," Brooker told Deadline. "So we’ve got hopefully a wide mix. I can’t really say more than that."

Variety reported that production on Season 4 is set to begin later this year for a premiere slated for sometime in 2017. Not only does that make it seem like Season 4 of Black Mirror is so close you can almost taste it, but also another exciting bit of news is that Netflix announced Wednesday that Jodie Foster will direct one episode of the new season starring Rosemarie DeWitt, according to Variety.

If you're looking for more intel into Season 4 of Black Mirror right now, you might think that your best bet is mining the show's official Twitter account for clues. But, if you choose to do so, I say good luck with that because, in addition to posts promoting episodes from all of the seasons, you'll also see that the series' Twitter feed is often filled with cryptic messages, like this one, which turned out to reveal that Season 3 of Black Mirror would premiere on Netflix 86 days later on Oct. 21.

But, that's the thing about Black Mirror. It always raises more questions than it gives answers.

Image: David Dettmann/Netflix