'Black Mirror' Season 4 Spoilers Are Already Here

Black Mirror Season 3 is set to premiere on Netflix Oct. 21, but series creator Charlie Brooker is already hard at work on Black Mirror Season 4. According to Deadline's new interview with Brooker, three episodes of Season 4 have been written already, and another three are in the works. If the pace seems fast, don't forget: Black Mirror is designed to reflect the darkest parts of the technology obsessed culture, and technology is constantly changing. If the writers have any hope of keeping up with real world progress, they have to keep their wonderfully twisted ideas coming.

Now that Black Mirror has made the leap to Netflix, the show has expanded its episode count from three to six each season. For Season 3, the change meant Brooker had the luxury of extra running time when he felt a story called for it, and he could structure the episodes however he liked since viewers can, and likely will, watch the anthology series out of order. These changes are likely to continue in Season 4, as Brooker continues to discover the benefits of his partnership with Netflix.

While Brooker is keeping understandably mum about Season 4 specifics at the moment, he did reveal to Deadline one story he would like to tackle in the Black Mirror universe: the way the world is becoming increasingly polarized. Do not expect to see a Donald Trump-inspired story anytime soon, though: As much as the real world informs Black Mirror, Brooker is not interested in looking to the news for story ideas. (Besides, the Season 2 tale that found a cartoon bear running for office serves as perfect, albeit unintentional, Trump commentary.)

As for those three episodes that have been completed already, Brooker would only tell Deadline at least one idea is based on a story the team has wanted to tell for ages. If that doesn't pique your curiosity, nothing will. What corner of the intersection of technology and humanity has Black Mirror left uncharted until now?

Brooker also promised to continue mixing epic stories with more personal tales. Some episodes will have a grand focus on society as a whole while others will zoom in to focus on the way technology affects individuals. Even though these hints are vague, they are just tantalizing enough to keep fans wanting more.

Luckily, there is still Black Mirror Season 3 to look forward to before the Season 4 speculation gets into full swing. Just be thankful you will not be forced to leave the carefully crafted world of biting social commentary and deeply unsettling storytelling Brooker has created anytime soon.

Images: Netflix; Giphy