These Donald Trump Memes From The Final Debate Cap Off A Long, Controversial Journey

This is it, America. The country is one step closer to election day. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for making it this far. At previous debates, Donald Trump dismissed bragging about sexual assault as locker room talk, lurked behind Hillary Clinton, and mocked her for taking time to prepare for the occasion. It's easy to be horrified, but the presidential debate also has a lighter side. There was no shortage of Trump debate memes to make America laugh — or cry.

The presidential candidates kicked off the final debate on Tuesday, Oct. 19 at the University of Nevada after months of tension between both the candidates and voters. The fallout from Trump's Access Hollywood scandal has created an even deeper divide between his and Clinton's supporters. Many of Trump's surrogates wrote off his actions following the tape's release, which has been pretty maddening and horrible. When his own wife, Melania, gave an interview with Anderson Cooper before the last debate, she tried to blame Billy Bush for egging on Trump.

In past debates, Trump has spewed blatant lies, like when he said Clinton had been fighting ISIS all her adult life. Given the volatile nature of the first two, everyone knew Trump would say some crazy things in his last shot to take down Clinton. It's hard to get excited about a debate where so many insults and lies are thrown around, but these hilarious memes sure do help.

Trump Brought Everyone To The Debate

No critter left behind.

Reminding Voters Of Trump's Empty Threats

Refresher: he hasn't sued for libel yet because like The New York Times suggested, he might not actually have a case.

The Key To Trump Winning The Election

Change pretty much everything about himself.

Trump's Continued Insistence That The Election Is Rigged

Honestly, it's just sad at this point.

Because Trump Eye Jokes Will Never Get Old

The lack of distinguishing features between eyes and mouth is uncanny.

Trump Introducing Us To The Horrible Phrase 'Bad Hombres'

That was not OK, Trump.

Will Trump Ever Realize The Internet Remembers Everything?

Trump is nothing if not consistent.

Another Trump Eye Joke, This Time Featuring Homer Simpson

Still funny.

When Trump Hinted He Might Not Accept The Election Results

Still horrifying.

He Actually Called His Opponent A "Nasty Woman"

But no one respects women more than him, right?

It was a crazy debate with many memorable moments, but what stood out the most might have been when Trump refused to say whether he'd concede to Clinton if he lost. We'll find out in just a few weeks.