'The Office' is Back...

Are you prepared to waste the rest of your day on the Internet? Good, keep reading. We're going back in time via a website that lets you see each year in The Office cultural references. Want to know every time Michael Scott talked about something that happened in 1998? Now you can with The Office Time Machine. You can thank Joe Sabia for the world's most specific television show breakdown, as he rooted through all 201 episodes and split all of the references into their origin year.

For example every time a song plays in the background of an episode it gets categorized into the year the song came out. Every time Kelly Kapoor talks about Pretty Woman (which happened a lot) it got labeled for the 1990 video (the year the film came out), and so on. The result is an impressive amount of videos, one for each year, with several minutes of The Office references from that specific time period. Watch a few and you'll start to wonder if the show actually contained any content besides pop culture mentions.

The site will also succeed in making you feel very old when you realize that these tidbits which you didn't think twice about when they aired throughout the show's duration from 2005-2013, aren't as current as you might have thought. The show contains a ton of 90s references as well as ones dating all the way back to 1100s. For real. You can even search back through the BC era, because there are references to that time period too. It's so well done that you can easily waste hours of your time searching through the various videos, which I 100% recommend. Here's the video from 1990 to get you started.

And you can view the rest on the official website.

Image: NBC