'How I Met Your Mother's Ending So 'Billy On The Street' Met up with Neil Patrick Harris

How I Met Your Mother's series finale airs next Monday, the end of a nine-year era. To celebrate — or, more accurately, to commemorate — Billy On the Street host Billy Eichner ran around the New York City streets with Neil Patrick Harris, shouting to passer-by about How I Met Your Mother.

And sure, Billy On the Street is a TV show, and one that is not new to the celebrity guest — Lena Dunham was on just last week. And yet I still find myself overrelating here, because what better way is there really to mourn the loss of a TV show than by running through a major metropolitan area with the star of said show, screaming things like "BUT WHAT IS COBIE SMULDERS GONNA DO??!?!?!?"

Sadly, Harris himself does not speak much in this clip — but his presence is enough, because another highlight of this video comes in witnessing the ways these NYC randos react to suddenly being in his presence. Some don't seem to recognize him or care (for shame!), while others have more appropriate reactions. Because the only proper reaction to meeting Neil Patrick Harris is pure unbridled joy, and we all just have to accept that.

Image: Funny or Die