Hillary Clinton Is Ready To Lead The Entire Galaxy, Or At Least That's What Twitter Thinks Her Outfit Means

For the entire span of her career, people have talked about Hillary Clinton's outfits. She's become synonymous with pantsuits, and because of her gender, her appearance has been unfairly scrutinized over and over again. But on Wednesday, Oct. 19, writer Casey Johnston tweeted her thoughts on Clinton's white pantsuit from the final Presidential debate and this is one opinion about the Democratic candidate's fashion choices that actually deserves to be shared.

Johnston decided to react to criticisms of the white suit Clinton wore to the final debate, which was held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Apparently, some people thought that the high-collared outfit seemed a little... out of this world. But Johnston thinks that Clinton is simply, as the old adage goes, dressing for the job she wants. According to the writer, that job is not President of the United States, but something even bigger: Interplanetary Leader (from the future, of course, because a present-day interplanetary leader would just be silly). If we have to talk about Clinton's outfits (which we absolutely do not), I think discussing them within the context of Clinton's future achievements is the best way to do it — especially when that context is hilarious. You can see Johnston's entire tweet below:

Some users didn't enjoy the joke and preferred to keep fashion out of the debate conversation entirely:

While others immediately supported Clinton as the leader of the galaxy:

If you want to know about the experience and views that will help Clinton lead the United States, and maybe someday, the universe, you can read about her policies here.