This "Nasty Women" Domain Name Is Pure Glory

by Melissa Cruz

Update: A supporter of Hillary Clinton named Jeff Meltz, rather than the Hillary For America campaign itself, claims to be responsible for buying the "Nasty Women Get Shit Done" domain name and redirecting it to Clinton's official campaign site. "I registered the site because of the comment, and also the idea of 'bitches get stuff done,'" Meltz, a New Yorker, tells Bustle. "I forwarded to Hillary's site because I'm voting for her, and want to make any possible effort I could make to drive more traffic and donations to her campaign. I figured, why not."

Earlier: Hillary Clinton has learned to embrace Donald Trump's insults, and boy did he hurl a lot of them during the final presidential debate. But his most insane insult also became the most classic: his interjection, seemingly out of nowhere, that Clinton was "such a nasty woman." Voters got to see Trump's constant vitriol for women wrapped up in one neat declaration, and because Clinton's team is clearly filled with social marketing geniuses, the Democratic candidate got a new slogan. That's right — Clinton and her team purchased the domain name for, and redirected it back to the her campaign website. Getting stuff done, indeed.

The "nasty woman" remark came while Clinton was answering a question about saving both Medicare and Social Security through her tax plan. The exchange between Clinton and the moderator was going normally until Trump felt the need to interrupt, as he did frequently throughout all of the debates.

Sandwiched between a discussion on how her social security payroll contribution would increase — "as will Donald's, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it" — and ensuring voters that there would be plenty of resources to replenish the Social Security Trust Fund, Trump rolled his eyes and interjected, "Such a nasty woman."

And thus, what will likely become the most memorable line of the debate was born. But of course, this largely is thanks to Clinton and her team's immediate reaction to it:

Buying the domain name was just the icing on top of the cake for this one.

Clinton (can she be addressed as President Nasty now?) has been getting stuff done, too. She pointed this out during the debate, when Trump was attempting to discredit her years of service and bolster his own... well... time spent running a reality television show.

As Clinton listed, this stuff partly included taking on discrimination, working to reform schools, and traveling the world to advocate for women's rights. Compare that with Trump, who spent years racially discriminating, borrowing millions from his father, and insulting beauty pageant contestants.

Or as Clinton so succinctly put it: "So I'm happy to compare my 30 years of experience, what I've done for this country, trying to help in every way I could, especially kids and families get ahead and stay ahead, with your 30 years, and I'll let the American people make that decision."

You know, just a nasty woman getting sh*t done.