Black Lips' Lead Guitarist Gives Awful Reasons For Not Liking Drake

Drake has found himself the target of yet another public celebrity diss. As a fan of Drizzy, it's totally cool with me if you don't like him, as long as your explanations are legit. Plenty celebs have dissed the Aaliyah-worshipping, Degrassi actor turned rapper-singer. Just ask Chris Brown, Amanda Bynes or most recently Jay Z. However, the latest public expression of disdain towards the Nothing Was the Same rapper comes from The Black Lips' lead guitarist Cole Alexander, whose reasons for not liking Drake are completely offensive.

Most complaints lodged against Drake usually involve him being too soft, too emotional or according to singer Lorde, too irrelevant. But Alexander doesn't like Drake because "he seems kind of fake," and apparently is unsuitable as a rapper because he's not "more ghetto and ratchet sounding."

Alexander's explanation worsened when he added, "I like more melodramatic, ignorant rap where they’re talking about violence and anger and it’s just evil." He also prefers listening to rap that's not "too smart."

Sighhh. This is a prime example of when keeping is real is just flat out wrong.

To any discerning reader, there's no question that Alexander's comments are laden with racial implications, making his criticism of rapper Macklemore for using a racial epithet completely null and void. Seeing as how mainstream rap is dominated by African-Americans, I'm tempted to go out on a limb and assume Alexander didn't really understand the weight of his words. But intuition snaps me back to reality, telling me that what he implied was intentional--that the vast majority of rappers (read: blacks) are "ignorant," "violent," or "not too smart," and he'd much prefer it if remained that way. None of that fancy wordplay we've come to expect from Drake, and coming off as "too smart"? Now that's just getting out of hand.

"Ignorant," "not too smart," and "evil" perfectly describe Alexander's inappropriate comments. I'm well aware of The Black Lips' prior penchant for shock value antics, like urinating or vomiting on stage, but spewing racist comments should be off-limits. I'm sure even the most die-hard Drake naysayers would agree.