Where To Buy SafeGrabs, The Multi-Use Oven Mitts Heading To 'Shark Tank'

They're colorful, rubbery, and they closely resemble frisbees, but to understand what exactly SafeGrabs are, you'll need to watch Shark Tank on Friday night. According to the product's website, it has a lot of uses — eight in total, to be exact. First conceived of as "Micro Easy Grabs," it turns out that SafeGrabs are first and foremost a kitchen tool to help you with all things microwave-related. Entrepreneur Cyndi Lee originally created the product to avoid microwave-scalded hands — and the rest is history. In addition to Shark Tank, she's also made appearances on QVC, Steve Harvey, and the local news.

Designed to roughly fit inside your microwave's revolving plate, the SafeGrab's first use is as a kind of microwave-specific oven mitt. You see, you place it under whatever you're microwaving, and use it to pick the plate up without getting burned — it's made out of a heat-resistant material to keep your hands safe, and comes with little grooves to better help with gripping. Once Lee designed the product, she realized just how many other uses they had — according to the brand's website, in addition to preventing burned hands, they also make great microwave splatter guards, trivets, placemats, jar openers, sink drain covers, plates, and more — basically, anything you can think to use it for, you can; the options are pretty endless.

The SafeGrabs come in two sizes (10 inches and 12 inches) and four vibrant colors (red, orange, blue, and purple). They're available for purchase on the SafeGrabs website, with prices usually starting at $12.95, though at the time of publication there is a sale going on, as well as other online retailers like Home Depot. You can also buy them in packs of two, if you're so inclined.

SafeGrabs 2-Pack Combo, $27, SafeGrabs

What do you think of Shark Tank's latest new product? It may not be the most exciting product — for all its myriad uses and bright colors, it is, at the end of the day, a silicone oval — but it is extremely functional and just might be the easy-to-manufacture, easy-to-market superstar new product the Sharks are looking for. Could the SafeGrab become something akin to Shark Tank superstar Scrub Daddy, which at the end of the day, was a sponge? Or will it remain in relative obscurity? We'll have to see how the Sharks and viewers respond to its big pitch on Friday night.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; SafeGrabs.com