Willie Robertson and Barack Obama Would Make an Unlikely Hunting Duo, But Not the Worst

In an offer that we hope wouldn't end up harkening back to Dick Cheney and his hunting accident, The Huffington Post has reported that Willie Robertson wants to go hunting with Barack Obama. Whether or not Obama actually hunts is pretty irrelevant, as Robertson apparently really just wants to talk with him. The meeting of those minds sounds like it might be more explosive than anything and adding guns to the mix just sounds like a bad idea all around. Then again, wandering around in the woods wearing camouflage and hunting prey does leave a lot of time for quiet discussion and Robertson insists that he doesn't shy away from people that he disagrees with.

Obama is well known for his deep immersion in pop culture, from his recent comments on Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie to his appearance on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, so maybe it's not too far-fetched to think that he and the controversial Duck Dynasty star might just find the mutual time to hunt some ducks out in the woods with a side of political discourse.

If we're slotting together unlikely hunting duos, however, Obama and Robertson wouldn't necessarily be the weirdest pair.

1. Kanye West and Taylor Swift

The last time this duo crossed paths, it was... memorable, to say the least. Although they've both long since moved on, West and Swift are about as different in content, image, appearance, and opinions as it's possible to get. If they had time to get together for a hunting trip, who knows what they would talk about? Kanye West's new Vogue cover? Kanye West's best album? Kanye West in general?

2. Eminem and Elton John

To be fair, John and Eminem must have a lot to talk about as the two performers are friends in real life. It's just still so weird to conceive of. Their personal styles, and the things that they choose to sing about, have absolutely nothing in common. In fact, you would think they'd be personally offended by one another. That hunting trip might go a lot more smoothly than West and Swift's, but it'd still be one I'd love to tag along on just out of sheer curiosity.

3. Hillary Clinton and Miley Cyrus

Clinton and Cyrus are both polarizing figures for two completely different reasons. Clinton came close to being our first female presidential candidate while Cyrus has been raising eyebrows everywhere as she sings and strips her way out of her Disney channel past. What would they have to say to each other, if anything at all? At the very least, they could have one very interesting discussion on the modern meaning of feminism. Or... something.

In light of those options, Obama and Robertson is beginning to seem a little less ridiculous. If duck hunting is the way to bond with your polar opposites these days, then bring it on. And maybe bring a few cameras. That sounds like a reality TV show in the making.