Jimmy Kimmel Says Donald Trump Looked Like Alec Baldwin At The Debate & That's Only The Beginning Of His Take-Down

Very few people — if any — outside of Donald Trump's campaign are painting him as the winner of last night's debate. He got off to a decent start, leveling clear attacks against Hillary Clinton. But then he reverted back to normal Trump and even said on the debate stage that he couldn't promise to respect the results of the Nov. 8 general election. That didn't win anybody over. None of the political commentators have been very nice, but comments from one in particular were truly hilarious. In a post-debate special, Jimmy Kimmel summed up Trump's performance perfectly.

Now Kimmel has been spot-on in the past with his political jokes and segments — remember the "Mean Tweets" segment with President Obama — but this one is truly insightful. He called it like he saw it just hours after the debate wrapped up. Here's what he said about Trump:

I was fascinated watching Donald Trump. His eyes were mostly closed the whole time, his voice was at phone-sex whisper. It almost seemed as if he was doing an impression of Alec Baldwin doing an impression of him ... He said "disaster" and he said "bigly" a couple of time and he said Mexico is sending some bad hombre over here. I guess those Rosetta Stone tapes are paying off.

If you remember, Alec Baldwin did an amazing Trump impression on Saturday Night Live. He pouted, got lost in his answers, and exaggerated with sexist and racist comments. Trump took to Twitter to display his displeasure and once again attack the media: "Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me. Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election!"


Speaking of rigged, Kimmel had some more election-themed material Wednesday. He also took a moment to address Trump's claims that the election had been fixed or rigged by the media or the Clintons. Showing footage from Wednesday's debate while Clinton spoke on the issue, he froze the frame and circled one word in the background. The text is from the constitution, and as Clinton's head moved over the "hts" of "rights," Kimmel circled "rig" proclaiming it proof for Trump's conspiracies.

Also on Wednesday night, the show featured a presidential-vice presidential debate. Kimmel pointed out that just before the debate, Mike Pence was interviewed on CNN claiming that he would absolutely respect the results of the election. As I'm sure you're painfully aware, Trump then contradicted him on the debate stage. So the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live edited together all the times that Trump and Pence have blatantly contradicted one another. "Typically running mates are in step on everything, but nothing Donald Trump is typical," Kimmel explained introducing the video.

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

The true highlight of Wednesday's show, though, came next. It was a pre-taped segment with a group of three children called Kimmel Kids’ Out of Focus Group. He asked them their thoughts on the election and the debate — which they rightly said was "pretty annoying" because the candidates keep arguing "a lot." One girl described it as, "They were just saying, 'You're no good at this.' 'But no, he's not good at that.' 'But she's no good at this.'"

The kids also chose vegetables to describe the candidates. Trump would be a carrot, while Clinton would be an onion. And if they had to eat one, it would probably be a carrot. But when it comes to choosing the president, all three said it's time for a woman. Plus one offered this gem: "It looks like Donald Trump's losing his mind every day." It's too bad they can't vote for another decade.