#TrumpBookReport Is The Best Thing Ever

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton challenged each other in the final debate of the presidential election. As with the other two debates, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, displayed some.... well, questionable behavior. He refused to say he would concede the race if he loses, he called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman," he quipped about "bad hombres," he sniffled aggressively. Twitter responded, as it usually does, with a flurry of jokes and memes about his behavior that, while funny, also speak to the sinister, dangerous underpinnings of his campaign for the White House. No hashtag did that more effectively than #TrumpBookReport, a trend reportedly started by St. Louis politician Antonio French.

Here's the idea: In 140 characters, users made up a "book report" in the style of Donald Trump. Choose a novel — Harry Potter, Lolita, or maybe even The Diary of Anne Frank — and decide how Trump would feel about that book, that author, or those characters. You can see right away how this would be a lot of fun.

Of course, all of this is seemingly irrelevant, because Donald Trump reportedly doesn't read. Here are some of the best responses anyway:

1. Harry Potter Got More Than One Mention:

2. Of Course, Original "Nasty Woman" Hester Prynne Got A Shout-Out

3. Christian Grey? Bad At Business!

4. Even The Bible Got A Mention

5. One Person Picked Fun At Donald Trump's Tendency To Dismiss POW's And Gold Star Families:

6. "I'm The Best Salesman! Only I Can Fix This!" - Donald Trump To Arthur Miller, Probably

7. Make Emily Brontë Great Again

8. Obviously, We Couldn't Avoid A Reference To The Hunger Games Since We Are Living In Its Prequel

9. "Romeo! What A Loser!"

10. "Bigly."

11. Gatsby Would Probably Vote For Trump

12. "That Humbert Humbert? A Real Stand-Up Guy."

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