How Much Is The Kenzo x H&M Collab? The Bright Collection Has A Range Of Prices — PHOTOS

Another fall, another blockbuster H&M high x low fashion collabo. The Kenzo x H&M collection follows 2014's Alexander Wang dystopian collection and last year's blockbuster Balmain mashup. Kenzo might not have as much mainstream name recognition as the other two designers — yet. But this mass market collab will certainly introduce a whole new sect of fashionistas to the brand. Kenzo x H&M is full of bright, fashion forward, and mixed prints that should have lines wrapped around the block at H&M stores on the Nov. 3 launch date. Kenzo x H&M is loud, layerable, and unisex.

The collection will be sold at 250 H&M outposts globally, as well as via the fast fashion retailer's website. If you've not already done so, mark your calendar now, so you can develop a strategy for effectively shopping your face off. Since you just entered the "planning ahead" stage, you have to be thinking about your budget. How much are the Kenzo x H&M pieces?

Well, as Fashionista notes, the prices run the gamut. The most expensive offering is a tiered print dress, which is $549. Bustle reached out to H&M reps to confirm Kenzo x H&M pricing and they supplied the rundown. It is indeed a mix — there is a $129 skirt, a $59.99 wristlet, a $399.99 jacket, and $49.99 leggings.

Let's do a drive-by.

These shades are $49.99. I love that zig zag detailing.

This top will only set you back by $59.99.

Your feet will sink into these $99 flippies.

Twirl around and dip into your bank about for $129 with this flirty, zebra-print skirt.

This graphic tee costs $34.99.

Get your bracelet on for $49.99.

The zebra print, Zubaz-like leggings are $49.99, too.

Grab your card if you want to nab this $399 jacket.

Fit your essentials in this $59.99 wristlet.

That is a sampling of prices across the clothing and accessories categories. There's tons more that fall between $20 and $600. Essentially, there is something for everyone.

That leopard print and cat-like silhouette, though! Kenzo x H&M is certainly adventurous with its pieces. Looking for basic attire? Keep moving, because this ain't it.

The Kenzo x H&M collection is a different price point than standard H&M fare, but this collab brings high-end fashion to a wider customer base and that's not only a beautiful thing — it's also the point! Get ready to shop this collection like crazy when it finally drops.

Images: Courtesy of H&M (13)