Alexander Wang For H&M, in One Graph

In the former WWF (and now WWE), it was Hulkamania, perpetuated by Hulk Hogan (of Hogan Knows Best, too) that ran wild. In the fashion world, it's Wang-for-H&M-mania that is burning at a fevered pitch... and there is a reason I am comparing it to wrestling that you'll find out in a sec. Excitement for Alexander Wang's H&M collection, dropping Nov. 6, is so wild and so out of control that fashionistas might require some sort of sedation leading up to the launch. The images and lookbook landed online yesterday and the collection, with its stark black, white, and gray color palette, really wows because the futuristic silhouettes are so unusual for a mass market retailer and it appears to mesh fashion with function.

But what's it really, truly like? I'm glad you've asked, since I've dissected it.

Everyone's yacking about the sporty nature of the pieces, but here's how it really shakes out. Wang x H&M is mostly Divergent-inspired fashions that are suitable for dwellers in a futuristic dystopia, even if only in their minds; there are also a lot of WWE-ready workout wear and gym fashions that will actually translate to the street even moreso than at the local fitness center (I promise!). There's a little bit of sophomoric, junior humor and plenty of turnt up, voluminous basics.

The range looks expensive, even though it's been produced expressly for a discount retailer.

Fashion-forward folks will be fighting over garments in stores, decorum and politeness be damned. The athletic-inspired range will sell out in maybe 14 seconds, if not much sooner. The good thing is that you can get yourself in fighting shape to battle fellow fashion-conscious shoppers at the discount retailer and then go home and wear these sporty styles even if you have no plans for a gym membership.

1. Divergent

Come on, can't you see Theo James' Tobias Eaton in these stylish yet somewhat utilitarian pieces? Yes, yes you can.

And while Shailene Woodley's Tris Prior is a butt kicker through and through, even she will need to grow up, fashion-wise. She can still rock futuristic dystopian fashions, but they can also be fashion-forward. Because why not?

Here's more Tris Prior-ready pieces. They are designed for action, chaos, and leading the charge of the Dauntless in style.

2. Future-Ready WWE + Workout Wear That Extends Beyond The Gym

You could wear any of these pieces while golfing, backpacking in warmer climates (or even cold ones, really), and while doing sporty stuff that keeps you in shape. They are not exactly gym-practical outfits, but they are gym-like. Translation: Unlike Stella McCartney's Adidas collabo, this looks like workout clothes meant to be worn anywhere but at Gold's or L.A. Fitness. You might get away with this at one of Madonna's Hard Candy outposts.

As for the WWE reference? I honestly envision the WWE of five years from now embracing fashion. It'll be a WWE that has classier, sexier wrestlers who care about their presentation and wear black board shorts. Like so!

Samesies for this batch of pieces. Leggings, bandeaus, tanks, oh freakin' my. It's not like these garments are club-friendly and they aren't totally serviceable for the spin class. I mentioned before that not every item is practical for everyone or every day, but they still are fun to look at.

3. Junior High Humor

Wang's name is all over these items. So the branding is prevalent. Of course, a younger, less discerning sense of humor will immediately come up with jokes about male genitalia.

4. Turnt Up Basics

Basics. Every closet has them and that does not make said closet owner a basic bitch at all. You need black tees, LBDS, and mini dresses as pieces on which to build and layer to create your own unique style. The basics in Wang x H&M are turnt up thanks to the details, namely the volume of the coats, the dress shapes, and the prints.

More puffy coats! You could hate winter and this set will have you yearning for another polar vortex so you can cruise around in your Wang for H&M jacket. And these leather-detailed, flowy tunics? I want two of each.

Images: H&M (27)