Issa & Lawrence Give Their Relationship Another Chance On 'Insecure' While Molly Struggles With Others' Opinions

The last few minutes of Insecure's third episode showed that making changes can be harder than it seems. While it still seems like they'll break up eventually, Issa and Lawrence decided to stay together after Lawrence finally started working on his career. Even though he still doesn't really have a plan — he's currently a salesman at Best Buy, fighting against his scant resume — it's the memories of what their relationship once was that seem to encourage Issa to accept his gesture and continue their relationship. While most of the couple's issues remain unsaid, they're trying to move on from their problems, as represented by their old, destroyed couch being left out on the curb.

Meanwhile, Molly, who spent the first few episodes of the series looking for a relationship, passes up a chance at one in order to try the League, the application-only dating app that she believes is hiding the perfect guy. And while I can't blame her for having high standards, it seemed like she really had a connection with Jered, even if her friends were quick to judge him for not having a college degree and working at Enterprise. I'm curious about the way that Issa and Molly's friends' cynicism seems to be holding both of them back — Issa from expressing herself through rap and Molly from following her heart.

And while the relationship issues took over most of the emotional weight of the episode, Issa's triumph with the kids at Beach Day felt like the biggest victory of the half-hour. Even though you can't really blame her for basically ignoring the incremental progress Lawrence has made in the face of her intense day at work — both fighting against the tide of doubt from her non-black coworkers and making sure the kids had a great time — I think her desire for praise could potentially continue to eat away at their reinvigorated relationship, as Issa tries to lean on Lawrence for more support.

But this is just another storyline that makes Insecure almost painfully relatable. Who hasn't attempted to draw out a relationship (or even a friendship) that was clearly on its last legs? Whatever happens next with Issa and Lawrence, or Molly and Jered, it's sure to be a realistic look at relationships and how insecurities can influence them.

Images: Anne Marie Fox/HBO (2)