The 'Insecure' Pep Talk Is Relatable AF

You probably already gathered from the title of Issa Rae's new HBO show that it's going to be highly relatable for uncomfortable women everywhere. Although the character of Issa on Insecure may actually have more confidence than you'd expect based on the name, the series premiere of Insecure proved that Rae — and her character — are there for all you awkward ladies out there. And the season premiere moment that was the epitome of what you should expect from Insecure was when Issa talked to the mirror as she was getting ready to hit up a bar for the night.

While not all women may be able to come up with clever raps like Issa, nearly everyone has given themselves a little pep talk in the mirror before going out. As she applied an enviable array of colored lipsticks, she practiced the types of things she would say at the bar. She attempted talking to imaginary music producers, speaking in a flirty, British accent, and loudly proclaiming it was time for shots. Not to mention, she slipped in a few truly laugh-out-loud lines like, "Let me sprinkle some p*ssy parmesan on ya."

This hype up was interspersed with shots of Issa doubting herself, just like any woman who is trying to put herself out there inevitably does from time to time. (Just don't mind the fact that her actual boyfriend was hanging out in the other room during this mirror session that was gearing her up for wooing her ex.)

It's no coincidence that Rae has created both Insecure and her web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl since this kind of uncomfortable humor is Rae's brand. And although the short bathroom mirror scene was pretty hilarious start-to-finish, the best part was more meaningful, since at the end, she realizes she doesn't need all these fake personas and makeup. She wipes off the dark lipstick and puts on the trusty old Carmex and struts out of the bathroom as herself. Even if Issa isn't as insecure as she may think she is, this is the kind of woman I want to watch stumble her way through life — one bathroom mirror at a time.

Images: John P. Fleenor/HBO; Giphy (2)