There Is Now Video Of Kim K’s Alleged Robbers

Here is some major breaking news. On Thursday, France's M6 News released video footage of Kim Kardashian's alleged robbers. The CCTV video shows what appears to be five robbers (three on bicycles and two on foot) heading to and leaving Kardashian's apartment on Oct. 3, the night she was robbed at gunpoint in France. According to TMZ, the video is from a street-side camera, and it captured five individuals approaching Kardashian's apartment at 2:19 a.m. and then seemingly fleeing the scene 49 minutes later. It's hard to see or say for certain, but it appears one of the bikers is carrying a bag, which may or may not contain Kardashian's stolen jewelry.

According to The Sun, the video footage was "shot on a private camera just around the corner from the so-called 'Hotel de Pourtales' apartment block." On Oct. 5, The Sun also reported that the robbers were caught on camera. French authorities allegedly seized footage from two video surveillance systems at the Bel Ange nail salon, which is near the apartment where Kardashian was robbed. One particular video from the mezzanine-level was said to capture the alleged robbers walking into "the small retail and restaurant area to make their getaway." The second one reportedly from the ground level captured the alleged thieves "fleeing via an unlocked back door into an office and retail block called the Marche De La Madeleine," which is located behind Kardashian's apartment.

After The Sun's Oct. 5 report about the video footage, TMZ reported that Paris law enforcement sources revealed there is a video of the alleged robbers fleeing the scene on bicycles. However, this apparent video was blurry and did not show the faces of the alleged robbers. It's unclear if this TMZ report relates to the footage released by M6 News. At the time of The Sun's report, Bustle reached out to the Paris Police Prefecture for comment, which responded: "We are not able to respond to your request because a judicial inquiry is opened only the Paris Prosecutor's office which can communicate to the press and the public and to not interfere with ongoing investigations."

At this time, no other details have been released regarding M6 News' footage of the alleged robbers and law enforcement has yet to comment.