How Did Kristen Stewart & St. Vincent Meet? The Actor & Singer Are Reportedly Dating

In a blink of an eye, a hot, new Hollywood couple is already causing a stir. In early October, Kristen Stewart and Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, were spotted walking around NYC, and photos of the pair led fans to suspect that something was brewing between them. This was particularly shocking since the status of Stewart and her girlfriend Alicia Cargile's relationship wasn't known, and Clark had broken up with Cara Delevingne fairly recently. Well, some new photos of the ladies engaged in some PDA seem to confirm that something is up, so how did Stewart and St. Vincent meet?

Bustle reached out to reps for Clark and Stewart regarding rumors they are dating, but did not receive a response.

Considering Stewart tends to be tight-lipped about her romantic rendezvous and history shows that it took a while for her to speak candidly about Cargile, figuring out how Stewart and Clark met might be a bit difficult to discern. One thing that can be said about when these two started hanging out more was that it was very close to when Delevingne and Clark split up. According to the Daily Mail, Stewart and Clark were first spotted out having dinner in Los Angeles on Aug. 30, which was just a few days before it was reported that Clark and Delevingne broke off their relationship.

The Daily Mail reported that Stewart hadn't been spotted with Cargile as often as she used to throughout the summer, but Lainey Gossip reported that Stewart and Cargile met up just a few days before her dinner with Clark in August. This leads me to believe that Stewart and Clark were friends previous to their respective breakups, or they each decided to leave their partners and then pursued something together, because love moves fast... especially in Hollywood.

A recent event involving both Delevingne and Clark might hold a few hints as to how all of these women met. On Oct. 13, Delevingne headed to a party with her squad of Taylor Swift, Dakota Johnson, and more, while Clark arrived at the same event in NYC with Stewart. The Sun snapped photos of the women leaving, Clark and Stewart separately. In 2013, Us Weekly reported that following her split with Robert Pattinson, Stewart spent time with Swift, as they have many mutual friends in the business. Delevingne and Clark are also friends with Swift, as they were spotted at her Fourth of July party this summer.

If I were to make a guess, I'd say that they have all had mutual friends over the years, and Stewart and Clark were probably acquaintances for a while before anything romantic happened between them.