'America's Next Top Model' Season 23's Premiere Date Is Here & It's Like Christmas Is Coming Early

Start practicing your smize. The premiere date for America's Next Top Model Season 23 has been revealed, and it's soon: Monday, Dec. 12. Now, considering the new season's premiere date has been officially announced, fans also need to prepare themselves for what's to come. Because now, a whole set of brand-new supermodels-in-the-making are ready to take to the runway for the first time since ANTM's Season 22 finale — and the game is changing quite a bit with the show's move to VH1. As world-famous supermodel and ANTM executive producer, Tyra Banks, is taking a backseat — Rita Ora will step up to the plate as the new host of the series

Ora's not even the only new face heading up the show. Joining her are panelists including supermodel Ashley Graham, Paper magazine's Drew Elliot, and stylist to the stars Law Roach. Clearly, it's a star-studded panel, and I have no doubts it'll keep people interested in Season 23. I mean, along with the chances of Banks making guest appearances throughout, it may just be enough to get any ANTM fan to marathon the series. I mean, I'm sure they're still going to be preaching all of Banks' top modeling pieces of advice — with some of Ora's advice also thrown in the mix!

Believe me, I know. There's a new host, a new channel, some new judges... is it even the same show anymore? Well, considering the fact that Banks is still somewhat involved in the show, the series is bound to stick to it's original format and intentions at least somewhat. I don't know about you, but I will definitely still see you on the catwalk.

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