What You Need For A Hogwarts-Inspired Space...

by Julia Seales

J.K. Rowling has said that "whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home," and this is so true — Hogwarts will always be home for those of us who hold Harry Potter close to our hearts. With these Harry Potter home accessories, you can literally bring a piece of Hogwarts home with you.

From the winding corridors to the beautiful grounds to the personalized house dormitories, this school is a mysterious, dangerous, cozy gem. The first moment that Harry saw the looming castle view from the first-year boats on the lake, I was collectively taken in by its charm.

This great place had so many intricacies, that you get the sense you could live in Hogwarts your whole life, and it would still surprise you. After all, even Dumbledore was surprised by the Room of Requirement, and Hagrid knew that the safest place to hide something was definitely Hogwarts (and there were plenty of things hidden here over the course of Harry's school years). Why wouldn't you want your house to feel the same way? If you're inspired by the feel of Hogwarts, there are some easy ways you can make your home into the school that will always be there to welcome you back.

1. Sorting Hat Candle

Since you can't employ the actual sorting hat to sing you songs about the four houses all day, this sorting hat candle will have to do. But GUESS WHAT? This candle is no ordinary candle: as it burns, it melts down to reveal the color of your true house (crimson for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, green for Slytherin, and yellow for Hufflepuff). The top layer has the scent of vanilla, and once the candle burns down to reveal your house, it will also melt into either fireside, sweet leather, oakmoss and amber, or gingerbread, depending on your house. So, it's completely magical.

Sorting Hat Candle, $11.99, MMTrinkets on Etsy

2. Hogwarts Crest Flag

Show your support for Hogwarts with this crest flag, perfect for decorating your dormitory — I mean, home. It comes complete with the Hogwarts slogan, which of course translates to, "Never tickle a sleeping dragon."

Hogwarts Crest Flag, $14.99, VikitoGifts on Etsy

3. Mandrake Roots

If your favorite part of Hogwarts was the magical classes, such as Herbology, turn your home into Greenhouse Three with these Mandrake figurines. They'll give a magical touch of a greenery to any home, and bonus: they don't cry.

Mandrake Roots, $25.97, FogliaViola on Etsy

4. Platform 9 3/4 Sign

Place this sign at the front of your home to set the scene. Guests will pass the Hogwarts Express and be transported home.

Platform 9 3/4 Sign, $16.95, AllyBoosCreations on Etsy

5. Marauder's Map Coasters

Whatever mischief is managed will be done without marks on your furniture: show your appreciation for the Marauders with these coasters.

Marauder's Map Coasters, $25, SirenStormStudios on Etsy

6. Dobby Sign

This Dobby sign is perfect for any laundry room. Clip mismatched socks on the clothespins until you can find their match. Or, of course, until they set a few house-elves free.

Dobby Sign, $17.95, HashtagAdorbs on Etsy

7. Hogwarts Stationery

Maybe you can't go to the Owlery to send a letter, but you can still write on Hogwarts-inspired stationery. This set is perfect for penning letters in your Hogwarts home.

Hogwarts Stationery, $7, cassidynoga on Etsy

8. Hedwig Wall Decal

Hedwig was an integral part of Harry's experience at Hogwarts. She was pretty much his first introduction to the world, and a welcome presence at school. Feel the love of this great owl with the Hedwig wall decal.

Hedwig Wall Decal, $14, Clankwerks on Etsy

9. Wand Key Holder

Hang your wand — or your car keys — from this plaque, and you'll never lose it. Constant vigilance, as Moody says.

Wand Key Holder, $9, LetterThings on Etsy

10. Four Poster Canopy

Let's be honest: the best part of Hogwarts was the Gryffindor common room, and Harry's iconic dorm room complete with his four-poster bed. Turn your bedroom into Gryffindor with this four-poster canopy, and you'll feel as if you're drifting off at home at Hogwarts.

Four Poster Canopy, $33.99, Overstock

Image: Warner Bros (1)