Why Did Lady Gaga Cast Andy Cohen As Zeus?

Gather 'round, Little Monsters! Did you hear? Monday night, Lady Gaga was on Watch What Happens Live . Okay, you caught me. She was sort of on WWHL. She didn’t actually pop by the Clubhouse, but she did call in. What could Gaga and Cohen possibly have to talk about? They most certainly addressed last year's epic Gaga WWHL appearance (she got a little sauced, had to take a leak backstage), but was that it? No, ma’am. You bet they took time to chat about Gaga’s brand spankin’ new “G.U.Y.” video, a.k.a. the fantastical music video featuring cameos from Cohen and the Beverly Hills Housewives. In the vid, the Housewives strum instruments, Giggy wears a tuxedo, and Cohen is a benevolent god-like figure who smiles down upon the Hearst Castle synchronized swimming magic party. Ya know, a day in the life.

Cohen asked Gaga why she cast him as Zeus, she was READY with an answer, and I am LIVING for her response. Ugh, I am who I am, and I love Gaga. Here’s what she said (plus my reactions. Like I said, I am who I am):

"Well, in the story, where I am beginning as a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, I go to the Hearst Castle in order to be brought back to life."

Right, right. We already knew that. Please do go on.

(Oh, crap. That was unnecessarily salty of me. Forgive me for being antsy and impatient.)

"As the people from Venus dump me into the Neptune pool, I am snapped back into reality by reality television!"


I knew reality TV was powerful, but I didn't know it was that powerful.

"We wanted you to play Zeus, or God in the sky, because I feel as though reality TV and reality media really run our lives."

I’d be lying if I said reality TV isn't the most important thing in my life.

"It's really an image of how I think pop culture is today."

Yes, yes, mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm...

[Transitions into the Wolf Of Wall Street chest thump chant.]

"You are God, obviously."


I'm not going to argue with that. Here's the entire convo:

And for good measure, here's a video of Cohen watching "G.U.Y" for the first time:

Can "Andy Cohen Reacts To Music Videos" be a recurring thing, please?

Images: Bravo